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Early morning rise and early to work.  Still off at just before 2:00 pm.
Off to the races.  Well, more like off to wait at the DMV forever.  I
wanted to get the title transferred into my name.  I would have done it
yesterday but I got off work too late.  I don't like having a title that isn't
in my name for something I have paid for.  Even with a bill of sale, I  am
not a very trusting person, I want that title in my name so the owner can't come
along and give some jacked up story that it was lost or stolen or something.  Do
I really think that would happen? I don't know, not worth waiting to find out.
Was there around an hour and a half - 95% of the time spent waiting.

After that to Camping World, which is like half a block away from the DMV. I
really didn't feel like going there, but since I was so close to the place, I gave in.
The lady who was supposed to call me back that never did was there again. She
looked up the number again and told me that they don't…