Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Early morning rise and early to work.  Still off at just before 2:00 pm.
Off to the races.  Well, more like off to wait at the DMV forever.  I
wanted to get the title transferred into my name.  I would have done it
yesterday but I got off work too late.  I don't like having a title that isn't
in my name for something I have paid for.  Even with a bill of sale, I  am
not a very trusting person, I want that title in my name so the owner can't come
along and give some jacked up story that it was lost or stolen or something.  Do
I really think that would happen? I don't know, not worth waiting to find out.
Was there around an hour and a half - 95% of the time spent waiting.

After that to Camping World, which is like half a block away from the DMV. I
really didn't feel like going there, but since I was so close to the place, I gave in.
The lady who was supposed to call me back that never did was there again. She
looked up the number again and told me that they don't make that fan motor anymore,
but they do make the fan blade.  ??? Why would they make a fan blade for a motor
that is obsolete?....I was asking myself.  I'm standing there contemplating my next move:
get the motor rewound and new brushes installed, do you know of any place? She didn't
but the other guy behind the counter started asking other associates.

Well, this went on for a while.  They then suggested an RV salvage yard.  Okay, I'll give
it a try.  At that point, another guy came up behind the counter and this guy asked him if
he knew anyplace that rewinds motors?  He got the look on his face and said no and why
bother?  Uhh, cause' I don't want to buy a whole new AC unit, that's why.  Well why not just
buy a new motor?  Cause' this one is obsolete.

He just shook his head, no way, he replies, is this an obsolete part.  It took them another 10
minutes of searching through a database, but they did eventually find it.  Well, it's in North
Carolina, as if that were some kind of deterrent to me.  I don't care where it is, let's order the
thing and get this going.  The guy is looking at me: It's kinda cool outside nowadays for needing
an AC unit working.  Yup, but I am taking this thing up to the mountains and I want everything
working before I have it moved up there.  I joined their President's Club on Saturday which gives
you 10% off all purchases, amongst other things, which has already paid for itself and then some.
The motor is $139 - I knew it was going to be expensive, but a new AC unit is like $800-$1,000.

So I got that done and just came home. Other things to do, but 2-1/2 hours spent on getting just 2 things
done plus work was enough for me.  My manager just called: have to be at work early again tomorrow.
Which is fine, get off of work early and look forward to Thursday off.

In an hour and a half is the church's Community Dinner. Their version of Thanksgiving dinner - done today instead of on Thanksgiving, I will guess so that everyone can spend time with family at home on Thursday.  I am going, but I am not going to stay long unless they need help with something.  Devour some food, say hi and leave. I am very tired and I will be wanting to go to bed early tonight.

A mother is or is going to be accused of killing her 5 year old daughter.  They arrested her and have arraigned her already.  This is happening in Phoenix.  I started to think how a parent could ever intentionally kill their own child.  I mean, for an insurance payout?  But they said the girl had been abused. I dunno.  It seems to be happening frequently.  I mean, could you kill your own kid?  I would rather die first.  I'm not saying that flippantly or casually, I really mean it: I would definitely rather die first than harm my own son to the point that he died at my own hand.  Of course, I wouldn't do that anyway, so it's a moot point.  I just don't get it, though: it's a totally unnatural act, at least in the human race, to kill one's own offspring.

Well whatever.  I have my hands full lately, which is a good thing, but also zaps my energy.  I think I am going to take a 30 minute nap before going to this church dinner, I am really quite exhausted.



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...