Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Plan

The Plan:
I am going to Fry's electronics just before midnight, Caleb is going to WalMart whenever - he wants to go wait in line so he can get what I want him to get.  No, I didn't even ask him to do this and certainly did not insist that he go wait for several hours in a line.  Well I just called Walmart and they are starting the line for electronics stuff at 10:00pm, with everything going on sale at midnight.
I would like to get 2 items: laptop computer and a small flatscreen TV for the trailer.  This is the time of year to get those things.
I am not going to wait in a line for 2 hours.  I will show up at Fry's Electronics half hour to 15 minutes early.  I will brave the wait for everyone that is in front of me - which I suspect will be a large crowd but who knows - to go in an hope that I find what I am looking for at the price that is advertised for the laptop I want.  If not, Caleb is instructed to first try to get the 19 inch flatscreen and then head over to a particular computer I was looking at that is on sale.  He will call me and let me know whatever he finds.

If neither produce anything, oh well.  A loss - yes because those laptops aren't going to be that cheap again anytime soon.  I mean, perhaps Cyber Monday will produce some good sales, but I would rather get one from a retailer that I can take the unit back to if there is a problem.  In that department, I would rather deal with Walmart than Fry's Electronics.

So, we'll see.  I am going to bed early, set my alarm for around 11:30 or so, get up and head to Fry's Electronics.

Hmmm, well if I get a wild hair I will show up earlier, but it's going to be quite cool out there tonight and there is the hint of rain in the air.  If it would just pour rain, that would be wonderful. Arizonans are rain-shy and would rather stay home than tough the elements to get a deal.  The other factor is the economy.  People are broke - which isn't a good thing at all - but in this endeavor may be helpful in nabbing the things I want to get.   This is also the first year that stores are doing this midnight open deal, so who knows?  I don't WANT to get up at 11:30pm, that is the middle of the night for me!  But I won't have to stay in there for too terribly long, they either have what I want or they don't.

Dinner at mom's very nice.  She is a great cook.  She also had all of this stuff for my plants - bark and mulch and stuff.  She got it free and I took it home.  Will add it to my landscaping project.  I took Coco with me - she pretty much gets along with any dog but my mom's Golden Retriever is as dumb as my Great Danes.  That dog bothered her until she snapped at him a couple of times and that was the end of that!  She doesn't put up with jack from ANY other dog.

Well, it's kinda early, even for more, but the double turkey dinner has kicked in and I am tired.  Which is a good thing, I can go to bed and get some shut eye before midnight, maybe 4-1/2 hours worth before I have to get up.

So yes, I am going to bed.  I don't want to be all jacked up/sleep/tired/rotten tomorrow because of a "bad" night's sleep.  There are things I want to get done tomorrow since I have it off and that precludes being tired all day long.



11/24/2011 Happy Thanksgiving

So this is it. The day before Black Friday.  But you know what?  The laptops that are going to be available in the stores aren't really - all that great.  You would have to upgrade them and by the time you spend that money, you might as well have bought the more expensive units that will give you more for less money when you add up all the costs.
However, Best Buy's 42 inch flat screen HD TV for $199 is a deal that you aren't going to find every day of the week or even every month of the year.  The problem? People are CAMPING in front of those stores! That's pure insanity.  Yes, it's a great deal, but worth sitting out there for days and days or being out there straight through Thanksgiving?
Not hardly.
Here's what I'd rather do, since getting one of those TV's is going to be next to impossible.  Get a smaller - say 19 inch - flat screen for my 5th Wheel.  I will need a TV up there and a flat screen, obviously, takes up much less room. Plenty of those are on Black Friday sale at great prices.  I really want to score a laptop or similar computer is my main objective.  The computer that is one of the things people are waiting for outside the store at Best Buy? Is available online at midnight.  Lol.  It DOES have 4 gigs of memory but the guru's are stating it is lacking other "essentials" that make it less desirable.  Yes, for $299 you can't expect the world.

Whatever.  I am going out to my mom's today, be there around noon.  Thanksgiving dinner, of course.  I will be the only one of my brothers that will be there.  My oldest brother doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving with family anymore - he quit doing that several years ago.  My middle brother has a weird schedule with being a paramedic and has to work today.

Oh, I have tomorrow off.  I was told we were working Friday and that was my assumption all the way through yesterday at work.  An email was sent out by the OPs manager about our particular branch being closed on Friday - but that email was only sent to managers, not everyone.  I had no knowledge of our branch being closed down until I started commenting about what we are going to do on Friday.  My manager is giving me a blank look.  ???  He didn't bother to inform me that we are closed on Friday and if I hadn't said something, I would have gotten up and gone to the branch on Friday morning - for nothing.  He had assumed that email had been sent out to everyone, which it had not.  Well, that gives me the opportunity - if I really want to - to go to one of these sales that start at midnight tonight.  I have not decided yet.

Well, I am going outside to enjoy some beautiful weather.

G'day and Happy Thanksgiving!

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