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Black Friday 2

Umm, the trip to Walmart this morning for a case for my new laptop came up with nothing.  They only had them big enough to carry up to 16 inches, mine is 17.3 inches.  I did buy a large pack of 40S&W practice ammo, though, for Sunday's adventure to Shooter's World and doing some target practice.  Like 100 rounds worth.

The place wasn't empty, but the good deals were basically gone.  Which I expected, especially those 42 inch TV's that you probably won't find at that kind of price - ever again, but who knows.  I didn't buy one last night, I have enough TV's and I have other things I need to do such as finishing the trailer and the $300 it's going to cost to have it moved up north.  Though I can say the most expensive part of the trailer is paid for, albeit I don't have the parts yet: those needed to fix the AC unit on the roof.  Well anyway, Walmart this morning was basically as full as it normally would be.

Fry's Electronics.  I went back t…

11/25/2011 Black Friday

So here it is, typing off of my new laptop computer.
Actually, I think it's a notebook.
Unbelievable last night and very thankful for the Plan, without it, this would not have worked.
That's because I opted to go to Fry's Electronics and to send Caleb to Walmart.
Well, the line at Fry's was at least 1,000 people long and stretched all the way around the huge building that it occupies.  Caleb, on the other hand, got in line for the
TV I wanted at Walmart and told me he would go to the computers afterward.
Well he was number 6 in line for the TV's which virtually guaranteed he was getting one of those, then he saw the $19 HP printers sitting almost right next to the TV's, so he hopped in that line, grabbed one of those and then headed for the computer line. 
He called and said the computer line was too long and he might not be able to get one.  I asked him the price, he was in the line for the $200 plus computer, a computer I most definitely did NOT want. I saw…