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Not a grand confession, but one that I must air out.
I have done so about this issue a few times here, gonna go there again.

I sometimes get extremely irritated, annoyed and aggravated with people in my home.
This has nothing to do with whatever they are doing, either.  That is another issue

No, there are times when I just want to be alone.  I don't want people walking through
here, even if they aren't saying a word to me at all. I don't actually tell them my
annoyance, I just am, internally, fuming greatly.

Yes, this is my choice to have all these people in here - it's that or leave the house
and have to find a new place to live.  Yet another mind battle that has consumed me
for some time now. 

But there are times when I am, at least internally, extremey agitated with the amount of
traffic going through here.  If I'm in the house, I want to be on my computer, which is
located in the kitchen. It is hard-wired to the modem and I am not going to change …

Saturday 11/26/2011

Now it's going to eat at me until I drive up there and find out whether it works or not.
I'm referring to Verizon Wirless, the mobile broadband service I just signed up for with them and
whether that mobile broadband is going to work at my mother's property.  I looked again at another
coverage map and it has the entire area covered in red, meaning it does, allegedly, have coverage
up there.

Well I ain't going up there this weekend. I am going back to mom's again tomorrow - her Sun City
property, not her mountain property.  A trip  up there will have to wait.  If it works around town -
which it better - that will at least be something.  Instead, I am heading to Tempe Firearms and getting a case for my 12 gauge shotgun, something I should have a while back.


Another long interlude.  Lynnette came in and I told her it's time to go and get this taken care of.  That being getting the space locked down for the trailer.  I don'…