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Sunday 11/27/2011 Let's Go Shooting

I have never been to an indoor shooting range.
Having said that, there was a bit of trepidation about going in there -you could hear
the muffled sounds of guns going off from outside the building when someone opened the
front door.
Well, they asked what kind of guns we had: S&W 40 cal; a .22 rifle; a Beretta and a 12
gauge shotgun.  They gave me a bit of a look when I mentioned the 12 gauge shotgun.

The guy had to go ask the Range Officer, they call him, if that was allowable.  Yes - but
only certain kind of shells allowable, namely buckshot.  I had 4 boxes of shells, one of them
was buckshot so that was good enough.  I had no intention of firing off too many rounds out
of it, just wanted to get a feel for what a 12 gauge shotgun is like firing it off.

Got in there and Caleb started first, firing off the .22 rifle.  It's an old, antique looking thing but
in excellent condition.  It made a plip sound coming out of the barrel, not very loud, almost like a
glorified pellet rifle…