Monday, November 28, 2011


I was down in AZ City today.  I had to wait for a while for the contractor to even think about stopping what they were doing and get to my truck to unload it - so - I pulled out the Verizon router/modem and the computer and fired it all up.  I could not get 4G network in Arizona City, AZ, but no great surprise considering it's a hole in the earth out in the middle of nowhere.  I was able to get 3G on the router and able to get on the internet.  Slower than the 4G network, apparently and considerably slower speed, the internet was still function anyway.

I was happy to have any coverage and tried several of the things I normally do on line  and it all worked, just took longer to download the pages and get on the sites.  I'm sorta half expecting 3G coverage up on my mom's property. I would rather have 4G, of course, but I do wonder if that will be available up there and my gut feeling is: no.  Not the end of the world, as long as I have coverage, it might be a wee bit irritating at times on longer loading times, but I will be happy to have any kind of coverage that works well enough to do what I want to do.

LONG day at work.  Almost 11 hours.  Management is moving our store today;  They were trying to move the store, I should say.  They rented a semi and  -  it broke down after the first load, lol.  So, I get a call at - 1:00pm or so, get back there as fast as I can. Yup, but I am waiting for these people to unload the truck.  I got back and - found a trailer loaded on the street.  That was the beginning of hours of unending, unstopping work.

Which means I got absolutely nothing else done today that I was expecting to get done after work.  Gag.

It also means I am worn out.  I have no energy, ending this one and going to go to bed early tonight.


Monday 11/28/2011

Today starts the day that management is going to move our branch from the old/current location to the new one. It will be nice to get into a nice building with new fixtures and everything fresh.  The building we're in now has old, stained and smelly carpet.  It has all kinds of problems and the walls aren't even tight.  I have to work out of the main branch downtown is the only drawback, at least for me.  No biggies, it will be worth the trouble in the end.

Mentally preparing myself for the departure of the trailer tenants on Wednesday.  The idea of my home security protection plan - them - being gone is a bit unsettling, especially in this neighborhood.  It will be good if one of the rooms in my house opens up - like soon as far as I'm concerned, but I am not dropping any hints with any of the current tenants. I have the feeling that one particular person is going to be leaving soon enough, anyway.  No guarantees on that, you just start to get a feel for it over time, non-verbal clues that simply add up over time and you wonder, hmmm, is that person thinking about leaving?

Nothing else new. The Michigan neighbor has brought even more junk and piled it up on his property.  What is WITH these people and all that junk?  Is it going to magically come to life and help them in some way?  It just sits there collecting dust; scorpions and black widows, junkifying the neighborhood.  I have decided that, since they started all of this trouble with me, I am going to make it especially difficult for them to continue living in trashy conditions in this neighborhood.  But, someone else is beating me to it and turned a bunch of junk on his property is a code violation.  Again, lol.  It was done anonymously so I assume he figures I did it since I did not do it anonymously on the other properties.  I haven't had to turn anything in on his, someone is continually calling the City and reporting his violations.  If he keeps it up, he is going to be getting a ticket as well.

Well enough of that. I don't see these people at this point that much.  I have the trailers on the side of my property that blots the view out of the 2 to the west of me.  I only have a fence that tries to blot out the view of the junk in the yards behind me, but it doesn't quite do it that well.

Whatever the case, I must be off to work.



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