Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crazy Days

We are still in the middle of this move - at work that is.  Everything has been moved out of the old building as of today, but there is a huge mess at the new place. There is material all over the place, none of it has been "located" and very difficult to find anything.

Regardless, I worked 11 hours and 15 minutes today, straight through, non-stop, grinding all day long.  Drive here, deliver that, pick this up, downtown to main branch and pull all kinds of transfers for orders. When I finally got back to the new building, there were 2 orders to pull that had to be pulled today and put on the truck today for early delivery tomorrow.  I mean, I went to work this morning in the dark and it was dark when I left work!


The trailer was moved today, though I missed the whole episode.  I did not have time to go over and see the setup, it was simply too late and I am already past my bedtime as it is.  I also got a call from Caleb, he is leaving for Florida with his mom for a 9-day vacation, I was a bit unhappy that I didn't get to give him a big hug before he left.   Oh well.

Whatever.  I'm exhausted and I'm going to bed.




Almost into December.  Crazy.

The "Big Day" is here.  Moving Mark and Lynnette off the property.  Guy with 5th wheel truck supposed to show up between 3 and 4 pm.  I still have a couple of things to do after work and before the move - but unless I get off really late, I should be able to get those things done in time.

Namely, a person with not 1, not 2, but 5 Direct TV dishes for sale, selling all of them for $30.  I need 2, will try to sell the other 3 and lose nothing in that deal.

And duplicate keys.  Back door: door handle and deadbolt.  5 sets of keys for that.

Considering replacing the surveillance system since the current one is non-functional.

This little situation with them moving out - well I just don't know what's going to happen.  The theft around here stopped when they moved in and I told them they have full authority to stop anyone and ask them what they are doing - people that don't live there, that is and what the bleep are they doing on the property.  It all stopped at that point.  Them moving out?  I dunno.  There isn't going to always be someone here, though pretty much most of the time there will be.

But, if those tenants that are here don't pay attention to what's going on outside of their room - which they do not - a thief could walk right in here and help himself.  So, the new rule

Well, I remembered I needed to write up a notice - and that took up most of the time left before needing to leave for work.  Another long day in store for me, I am pretty sure of that.



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