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12/01/2011 Toasted

I'm toasted.  Fried to a fine crisp. The last 3 days of work have been completely exhausting.  I have muscle aches in places I haven't had those kinds of aches in years.  I'm definitely dragging this morning - a couple more hours of sleep would have helped.  I think an ibuprofen would help as well.  Today looks to be - perhaps - a bit less excoriating.  Okay, my flesh hasn't been ripped off my body, but the feeling is there.  I will be quite happy when this move is completely done and over with and we are back on a regular schedule.

Our branch - manned by all of 2 people, my manager and I - did almost 600k worth of sales last month/November. Found that out when leaving work last night.  That is a lot of product being sent out by 2 people, trust me, it is.  This month actually looks to be going in the same direction - which is odd for being a December.  One of the inside salesmen came out of the main branch yesterday while I was loading the truck outside and apologized…