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Friday 12/2/2011

1 of them was broken - though easily fixable.
Another one had a bad cable on it - and though that is also easily fixable, we couldn't get the screw out to remove the thing to get at the cable.
Got to the third one and walaah - there it was, in all of it's old glory: a Dish Network satellite dish pumping satellite signals to a Direct TV receiver, lol.
I bought all those dishes yesterday - $30 for all of them and hoped at least 2 of them would work.  The guy informed me that a dish is a dish, Dish Network dishes will work on Direct TV receivers and vice versa.  I didn't really know whether to believe him or not, but we tried it and it worked perfectly.

There are only a few things left to go on that trailer - the one Mark and Lynnette are staying in at the RV park.  It needs some wall paper and the pilot light apparently won't stay on on the oven and the fan above the oven isn't working, other than that, it's pretty much good to go.  The water heater is working -…