Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday 12/2/2011

1 of them was broken - though easily fixable.
Another one had a bad cable on it - and though that is also easily fixable, we couldn't get the screw out to remove the thing to get at the cable.
Got to the third one and walaah - there it was, in all of it's old glory: a Dish Network satellite dish pumping satellite signals to a Direct TV receiver, lol.
I bought all those dishes yesterday - $30 for all of them and hoped at least 2 of them would work.  The guy informed me that a dish is a dish, Dish Network dishes will work on Direct TV receivers and vice versa.  I didn't really know whether to believe him or not, but we tried it and it worked perfectly.

There are only a few things left to go on that trailer - the one Mark and Lynnette are staying in at the RV park.  It needs some wall paper and the pilot light apparently won't stay on on the oven and the fan above the oven isn't working, other than that, it's pretty much good to go.  The water heater is working - which is a good thing for them. Learn the art of taking quick, short showers is all I can say about that.  The RV Park?  A hell hole if I do say so myself.  But it's home for them, at least temporarily.

Caleb is in Florida.  He called me yesterday from North Carolina where there was a stop over and then called from Florida.  I have no clue what they are going to actually do while they are down there, but let them figure that out.  I like visiting Florida, not exactly sure I would want to live there.  I hate mosquitoes and my memory of that place is that it's full of them.

Neighbor wars.  They gave 350 man a time extension to deal with his property.  Nice, they didn't give me such options.  I wrote the city and asked how he can get an extension, especially considering he bought that other property.  I re opened the closed cases.  They let him slide on an open pit in his yard plus the outdoor storage.  The lot looks like crap.  But then again, so do more than 60% of the properties around here.  The hoarders behind me apparently have a court date for the 5th - which would be Monday.  I won't be there, I don't know which court it is in or what time it is at.  I would love to go and watch, though.  Listen to the lies they are going to have to tell to try and skate around it.  I also reopened the case with their other property. They messed with me, I am going to take this a few steps further.  The next thing to do is call the fire department and let them know that there are serious fire hazards on both of those properties, please come do an inspection.

The man that moves the trailers is taking a hiatus from May until September, he told Lynnette the other day while moving the thing, to go up north.  Meaning if I want the other trailer moved up to mother's property, I will have to do it before then.  Well, no-one is going to charge me less than this guy. $300 to move the thing up there.  I had one guy tell me $350 to move that same trailer 28 miles!

Lots of tension at work.  The move from one branch to the other is hardly going smoothly.  The move is over, but the mess is far from done.  Yesterday, I took a truck load of material to a job site. I pulled the order, yes.  I got the order right excepting for some bolts that apparently were supposed to go with some adapters.  Well, no-one said anything about bolts going with the adapters, the bolts weren't listed on the paperwork, I had no idea.  Neither did anyone else, including my manager.  I get a phone call from the salesman on that account yesterday who attempted to start reaming me on the phone about it.  This after I stayed until almost 6:00pm the night before pulling the order for this job so we could get it there early.

I was having none of it and unleashed right back on him.  I hadn't talked to him like that before, but he has pulled this on me a couple of times in the past, I was in no mood to listen to a man in love with the sound of his own voice sitting there attempting to blame me for a situation that would have happened to anyone, including this salesman.  It's not like there was a sign on these adapters:  STAINLESS STEEL BOLTS MUS T BE SHIPPED WITH THESE ADAPTERS.  The bolts were in an entirely different pallet.  The entire yard is in chaos right now, trying to find anything is a chore.  I ended up hanging up on him.  I wasn't going to listen to it and he wasn't going to shut up, I just clicked the button and was done with it.

He called my manager.  I know this because I got back to the yard not long after that and my manager was flipping out on this salesman, lol.  He was already extremely unhappy about the way the move was going, this salesman?  Picked the wrong person to start a fight with.  He also unleashed on him and let him have it.  The point?  A situation that the salesman could have averted if he would have let us know about these bolts.  But since he didn't know, either, there was NO WAY to avoid this situation with the circumstances going on in our yard! lol  I have determined to not take any crap from this guy ever again.

Weekend is almost here.......................thank God.  I am ready to do nothing.  I know that will never happen, but it is a nice dream.  I have a lot to do around the house, projects never go away, they just sit there until you do them.  Well, I haven't had time to do anything further with the front yard, though I think this weekend I will make the time unless something comes up.

BTW, I think Cain is screwed.  I actually kinda like the guy, but he will never become the President of the US with the laundry list that is coming out against him. Even if untrue, the accusations are enough in themselves.  It's interesting to remember what Clinton did............"I never had sexual relations with that woman"...........which we all know turned out to be a complete and total lie.  I dislike Romney greatly and don't want him as president as much as I don't want Obama going another 4 years.  I'm not exactly in love with Perry anymore, either, that guy almost seems like a nutcase.  Doesn't leave much on the table, does it?  ROFL!!!



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