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It Is Done

..........but it was quite amusing seeing them staring out the windows and standing out there, watching what was going on.
I assume that they will be contacting the City and filing a complaint.
I could care less, too.  First off, the City does not regulate the number of trailers on a property, apparently.
Secondly, they are no longer living in the trailer - though I encouraged them to make it appear as though they were.
My studies have shown me that the definition of living in something means sleeping/staying overnight in it.
I fully expect the City to contact me about this situation and I fully expect to go down there and deal with all of this in person. I am sick of the emails with the BS coming from them.  I will address them in person and I will go through the ranks if I have to.  I don't often get the opportunity to do face-to-face stuff, it's usually phone or email when dealing with large corporations.  The City's building is about 8 miles from my house : )

I spent…

Saturday 12/3/2011

Yesterday at work.  There are a few things to do in the routing system, but the decision was made to work on the warehouse.  The new warehouse, I should say, total shambles.  Piles and  piles of material laying all over the place.  Pallets and crates shoved up against each other.  There had been all kinds of people allegedly working on this situation for days, but as far as the warehouse was concerned?  Nothing had been done and it was getting a bit old.  Pulling orders?  Climb over pallets and crates, dig through all of it to try and find what you were looking for.

I can drive a mean forklift.  I have been operating those things since 1985.  I looked at the mess.  Apparently the excuse for not putting it away was that they didn't know where we wanted it.  Who cares, find a place and put it on the shelf, if we want to change it later, we will.  Get the stuff off the floor and get it organized is the goal so we can get at it.  I went to town on it. 6-1/2 hours of non-stop grinding …