Monday, December 5, 2011

Arizona City

I am sitting in Arizona City writing this on the 3g network.  Truck was just unloaded, waiting for them to load pipe back on that they want to return.  Took the computer a while to switch from 4g to 3g for some reason, even though it showed and "excellent" signal.  I'm not really a big fan of the 3g network, but I'll take whatever I can get and i figure if I am sitting out in the boonies in the middle of the desert and able to get any kind of connection, count myself lucky.

Just throwing this on here to see a post from the middle of nowhere!

Monday 12/25/2011

I have very few, precious little minutes left here.  Got a late start this morning.
I'm guessing the hoarder neighbors are going to contact the city, if they haven't already, about the trailer being brought back.
The lady is going to have to call me, I guess, that's the way she dealt with this last time.
We'll see.
While in church yesterday, the store called to tell me that the fan motor is in for the trailer AC unit.
Since I can no longer use the other RV to have people living in it, I have to decide whether I want to keep the thing around or not.  Not sure yet.  Not in a big hurry to decide, but selling it could fund a casita/guest house type of thing.
Again, no big hurry, since doing that  would mean a lot of work and getting permits and approvals from the city and all that sort of junk.
Well, that's it.  Plenty to do at work today, keep me busy into the afternoon (at least).



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