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Michael and Anthony

No, they aren't back in my house.  Never will be.  I will not tolerate the kind of - shit - that I need not go into here since it's completely written out in this blog - that I received from them. 

What is the point then, of writing about them?

I came home from work today and saw their sister and one of their little brothers on the vacant lot that is owned by 350 man - actually his mother - directly across the street from my house.  My instant thought was: "no good thing can come from this, why are they there and where did the come from? Are they back in the neighborhood?". 

The kid that has been walking my dogs answered that question later when he came over and I asked if he knew anything.  Yup, they moved into a house the NEXT street over.

So, this entire family is living less than 100 yards away from me.  This isn't anything that I can say is a pleasant thought, at all.  The first things that came to mind when I heard this was theft and destruction.  There …

Sunday Work?

I must confess that ever since I started a job where I do not work on weekends - almost never - I don't miss it and definitely don't want to engage in it.  I worked 7 day a week jobs for years.  I worked 6 day a week jobs forever, seemingly.

Well, our store is FAR from being done with the move.  We have been abandoned with the extra help - which is no great loss, actually, they didn't get much done while they were there - but we don't have extra time to run a store and get it in order at the same time. All two of us? Hardly.

Well, a company is coming in on Sunday to tint the windows on the front of the store.  I dunno, dude, it faces East.  East doesn't get all day sun and more importantly: during the hot summer months, that isn't the side of the building that needs tinted, but if that's what they want, then that's what they get.  Manager wants me to come in and do some work to get the place done or at least close to done.  I dunno. I like my Sundays.  …

Tuesday 12/6/2011

"Opponents call it murder and a crime against nature."
This is the thoughts of the people who are opposed to the state sanctioned and initiated bear hunt in New Jersey.  
Murder?!!!  As if you are taking a human life that has an eternal soul.

I am frequently quite amused by certain news stories in the morning, this one almost had me snorting coffee out my nose when I started to read the story, lol.  

So, they said it might get down into the 20's in certain parts of the valley last night, but the forecast said 35 degrees.  Right now, at 5:45 am, it's 36 degrees.  I found out too late last night that there might be a freeze factor and to cover your plants.  Everything I had read? None of it said anything about frost protection.  Lovely.  Hope everything's okay out there, but at 36 degrees it shouldn't be a problem.  I ended up putting heaters in my ponds, though.  I have to look it up again, but I think I am also supposed to stop feeding the fish when the wat…