Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday 12/7/2011

Ummmm, still having trouble digesting the thought that those 2 and the entire family are not only back in the neighborhood, but one street over from me.  It isn't exactly surprising that the family is back in the neighborhood, however.  They have come and gone out of here many times over. They find a place to move into - under whatever circumstances - and then normally are forced out after a month, 2 months, several months, whatever and however long.  The story of their lives is moving from one place to another to another, leaving the properties they occupied totally and completely trashed.

When I say trashed, I mean trashed.  Whatever the mind can conceive in the destruction of a property both internally and externally, that is the definition of trashed in their case.

Whatever.  I am not going to go into all of it that leads up to where we are at in this situation again - takes too long and is already written out in this journal in previous entries, albeit long ago.  Caleb will most certainly become extremely agitated to find out they are living anywhere near us.  After they left, Michael admitted to stealing several of Caleb's things which infuriated Caleb.  Maybe I better just not tell him, I don't need him going and looking for trouble.

Well, this weekend looks to be extremely busy and I am not sure I am up to all of it.  I like my weekends the way I already do them, not filled completely up with stuff.  Friday night, I am allegedly invited to some sort of adult party thing at church.  Saturday is the company Christmas party and Sunday I have been asked twice now if I would work.  This means nothing but a blur of a weekend, basically, it isn't a weekend at all.

If I'm going to miss church on Sunday, I am going to have to consider going to the Wednesday service tonight.  I don't really like missing church at this point, even if I don't feel like going I force myself anyway.

It equips an intersection with a device that can tell if a car is going too fast to stop at a coming red light.  It would recognize that speeding car as a risk, and hold cross traffic a few seconds to let it pass. 

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This is the new system Chandler wants to put in.  This system tells if a car is not going to stop at a light, therefore running a red light and holds up cross traffic. So what, do you think, people are going to do when they find this out?  I am guessing it will only coax a person inclined to run red lights to run even more red lights.

Who knows, I think it's a stupid idea considering the implications if you really think it through, but I have to get off to work.



Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...