Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Party

It totally forgot this morning that tonight there is a Christmas party as well as tomorrow afternoon.  So, off to Riazzi's in Tempe in a bit.  This one is with the church folks, the one tomorrow is the company party.
Anyway, I processed my hours today for the pay period: 93.4 hours when there is normally 70.  Indeed and very nice.

So, busy busy. We are getting all kinds of OT because the company isn't sending us any help and the work has to get done.  About the time management sees the hours we are putting in - they may or may not help to alleviate the problem, who knows.  I don't really care, either, I will work these hours for a long time before I get tired of it, it would get me WAY ahead on everything.  But, somehow, I doubt this is going to be long-lived.  I will guess they will send someone over from the main branch to help out with stuff and not have to hire anyone new.  The only bummer about getting off late from work is that the sun is going down much earlier and I can't really get anything done on the landscaping project much less the trailer project.

My manager said he was only going to show up for 3 hours on Sunday and just let it go as far as the rest of it, he is getting a bit upset about the fact that we aren't getting any help.   Since he is going to do that, I probably will not be showing up on Sunday, or if I do, I will leave in time to go to church.  So, get there at 6:30am and leave at 9:30 am.  Or not, I would rather not.

Well, I was just waiting for my clothes to dry in the dryer, should be about done.

Outta here.

Friday 12/9/2011

Friday. But, a busy weekend en-queue.  If I recall correctly, Caleb and his mother should be coming home from Florida today.  Christmas party tomorrow and allegedly working on Sunday.  Mark is going to put up Christmas lights for me.  I didn't tell anyone they had to, I was just lamenting on the lack of time to get anything done around here.  I still haven't been to the parts place to get that stuff for the AC unit.

One thing I do have to look forward to is 6 days off at Christmas time.  But, at least 2 of it is going to be travelling.  I'm guessing by the time it gets here?  I'm not going to want to go anywhere.  But, dad wants to see me and Caleb too if possible.

Christmas gifts will be on the lighter side this year. Caleb wants a computer desk and chair for his room - which I haven't even begun looking for yet but it won't take long to find what I am looking for so no biggies there.  Umm, I will probably get him a very nice and comfortable computer chair with the caveat that it is going to be used.  It's really no fun sitting in an uncomfortable chair while doing internet stuff.

Mother is going to get the home made quilt and probably something else small thrown in for yucks sake.  My oldest brother and his wife will get the annual Omaha steak thing - I think this will be the 4th year that I have sent it to them, they always say they love it so I just keep doing that since they have everything they need  in life and their want list is FAR too expensive for anything I am willing to shell out for.  I dunno about my other brother, haven't spoken to him in well over a year now.

There is just plain too much going on both at home and at work and I am in need of some down time here.  Especially the work situation which has been extremely stressful with a manager who is going out of his mind attempting to deal with all of this stuff going on with the move and dealing with unbelievably rude and mouthy salesmen who are making accusations that are getting into upper management's ears and so on and so forth.  It doesn't take much to "trickle-down" in a 2-man operation.  We are getting truckload after truckload after truckload of material sent to our yard which isn't ready to receive all of it - they haven't paved the main portion of the yard yet and it is completely unusable until they do.  Instead, the conditions on the external part of the building are getting very cramped and not much more room available for anything else.

I'm not really sure I even want to go to a company Christmas party with some of these yodels that will be there that have been making life extremely difficult.  They think all of the movement that goes into getting an order pulled, palletized and on the truck and ready to go is all magic, just snap your fingers or wiggle your nose like on Bewitched and it's done.  Ohhh, that it would be so easy.  All day today?  Will be overtime the second I clock in this morning.  Speaking of which - time to leave for work.


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