Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday 12/10/2011

Well, church Christmas party was fun.
The food at that restaurant was good, too.
For whatever reason, the pastors were going out their way
to make sure I was feeling at home, but I am pretty capable of
doing that even in a crowd full of strangers.  I just haven't WANTED
to get involved in such for quite some time now.
After the restaurant, a large portion of the crowd went to
one of the older couple's home for dessert.  I had one treat and
that was it, though I did have a couple of cups of hot apple cider, yummmm.

Today is the company Christmas party. One thing that makes a party like
that a bit unbearable is when the attendees are getting to the highly inebriated
point.  Even if I were so inclined, I couldn't do it anyway.  Drinking and driving?
No thanks.  I would have to sleep it off in my car on their property, which I am
sure wouldn't go over too well, either.

There is a huge difference in carrying on a conversation with a straight, lucid person
and attempting to carry on one with a person that is stone drunk.  At least there
will be the Cornhole competition, that was fun last year and the year before.

Whatever the case, the food is always REALLY good, the main warehouse manager
is bringing his "pecan-smoked brisket' and his BBQ'ing is always awesome.  I think
I will plan on having a couple of beers, smoke a cigar, do the competition and then - go
home.  I haven't had a cigar in like 2 months now, I vowed to myself to slow down on
those things and sure enough, it wasn't too terribly hard to do so since I was not a daily
smoker and wasn't addicted to nicotine.

Umm, so whatever.  I have so much to do and so little time to do it, I love Christmas but I have to say this year is getting a bit out of hand.  Fortunately, this party starts at noon and that is the way I like it.
Much rather have a day time party than something that drags way into the night.

This, is sick:  "Hayes was convicted last year of raping and strangling Hawke-Petit and killing the girls. The girls died of smoke inhalation after they were tied to their beds and doused in gasoline before the house was set ablaze. Komisarjevsky was convicted Oct. 13 of the killings and of sexually assaulting Michaela."

I remember seeing the dad on TV news - wow.  He lost his entire family to these evil thugs.  He didn't just lose them, either, his family was basically tortured to death.  I wonder if this kind of crime would continue to go on if the people killing others in a manner such as these "men" did were to receive the same exact recompense as punishment?  Just kind of slowly boil them alive hanging above open flames.  I suppose it would do nothing to stop those kinds of crimes and would just make us all into barbarians and uncivilized, but still.  I just know how I am: if I lost my kids to 2 guys that came in and tortured them to death, including dowsing the girls with gasoline and setting the house on fire, I would just want to kill them myself.  Don't worry about the death chamber or electrocution chair or putting these guys up in a prison cell for 2 decades while they exhaust all the appeals, I'll just take care of this myself.  At least those "dudes" are both on death row is all I can say about that.

Well, whatever again.  I guess I better get out the salami, summer sausage and the cheese and start cutting.  It doesn't take long to get a cheese try ready and I didn't want to open the packages until maybe a few hours before I have to leave.  



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