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Saturday 12/10/2011

Well, church Christmas party was fun.
The food at that restaurant was good, too.
For whatever reason, the pastors were going out their way
to make sure I was feeling at home, but I am pretty capable of
doing that even in a crowd full of strangers.  I just haven't WANTED
to get involved in such for quite some time now.
After the restaurant, a large portion of the crowd went to
one of the older couple's home for dessert.  I had one treat and
that was it, though I did have a couple of cups of hot apple cider, yummmm.

Today is the company Christmas party. One thing that makes a party like
that a bit unbearable is when the attendees are getting to the highly inebriated
point.  Even if I were so inclined, I couldn't do it anyway.  Drinking and driving?
No thanks.  I would have to sleep it off in my car on their property, which I am
sure wouldn't go over too well, either.

There is a huge difference in carrying on a conversation with a straight, lucid person
and attempting t…