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Sport Fishing

I was talking to Caleb on the phone. After his trip to Florida, he was all over going back out and going sea fishing again.  I have finally figured out what the holdup is with him in things like this.  He is acutely aware, apparently, of both of his parent's financial concerns and problems and doesn't want to be a burden.  So, when I say something about going on another fishing trip and he gives me a blank look, at the time, I didn't get it.  I thought he had a good time, so what was up?
When we were talking yesterday about this, he said he really wanted to go again and this time he would save up for the entire trip.  Ummm, yeah, well I don't know if he realizes how much a trip like that costs.  Even on the cheap you are going to drop some Benjamins.  A number of them, actually.  I see now, it's all about money and that he wants to be able to help out.  But he already helps his mom with money - she is unemployed yet again as she was let go of her recent job find.  I…

Sunday 12/11/11

Christmas draweth nigh.
........and I just found out last night that I am supposed to be hosting the family Christmas get-together this year.
Nice.  Lesseeeee, a 14 day notice. Hmmmm.  Okay, I didn't exactly tell her yes, yet.  I said I would give an answer, actually.

This all started when my sister-in-law called her yesterday asking if we were doing Christmas at my house, apparently it's my turn.

What I am waiting on is to take an inventory of what, exactly, I will need to do to get the place in order for that kind of thing.  Well that inventory is done.  The work? Has not begun, though Mark did spend quite a bit of time putting up all of my front yard Christmas decorations and it looked really good last night when I came home from that party.

However.  There is still to finish the landscaping project out there, though at least for now, if I just finish the part I started a week ago - I have not had time to do anything out there - it will look pretty good.  Th…