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Standing Rib Roast

Ahhh, the small joys you get here and there.
There is nothing like a chunk of Standing Rib Roast, otherwise known as Prime Rib.
You never see it excepting at Christmas.  Well, maybe they are selling it at Thanksgiving, too.
I mean, yes, you can go into a restaurant and get it - which is all well and good - but to serve it at home?  You are going to pay a LOT of money for that roast!

Considering the price of food and especially meat is going up and up/inflation, I was surprised to see this particular cut of beef on sale at near the same it was last year.  Everything else has gone WAY up.  Just check out the price of a pound of bacon (not to be confused with their gimmicks of giving you 12 ounces and charging the SAME price in some cases as 16 ounces for it!) now and compare what it was a year ago.

Yeah.  This inflation was predicted a while back - like over a year ago and for 2012, if those predictions come true, food is going to cost a lot of money.

The term "double-dip inflati…

Thursday 12/15/2011

The kid tenant that moved out while I was at work, giving me no notice and leaving owing me money..........wrote back to my threat letter.
You see, it's a waste of time for me to go after the people that don't have jobs.  They don't have any money and I would be wasting over $200 for - much of nothing.  Well, it goes on their record for 7 years, but again, if they don't have any money, then that is pretty much irrelevant.  If an eviction is on a person's record, likely any "good" apartment complexes are not going to rent to that person.

The threat letter was basically that I know where he works and that I can easily sue and win since he owes me.  In the cases of tenants owing landlords money, it's open and shut case, the judge rules in favor of the landlord every time unless there is some sort of mitigating circumstance (think: slumlord or landlord doing something illegal such as shutting off the power or water because the tenant isn't paying).