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Friday 12/16/2011

Isn't it amazing?  You get more hours on a paycheck - a LOT more hours - you figure out how much more money it is before you get that paycheck and also figure the government is going to take a huge chunk of it.  Somewhat depressing to say the least.  I don't go to work so I can have all of my money automatically taken by the government, total BS.

Whatever.  It just pisses me off.  A bunch of damn politicians who could care less about the people.  They have THEIR agenda which usually doesn't come ANYWHERE in line with the demands that the people who voted them into office made and expect to be fulfilled when they do take the position.  I could care less if we voted the whole lot of them out of office, both sides, and start all over again.

My dad is saving the day for Caleb.  He wrote me back and said his college fund for Caleb has plenty in it, apparently, much more than he needs to get things rolling.  Which is good, because otherwise, I was going to ha…