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There is nothing that spruces a room up quite like a fresh coat of paint on the walls.
In my bedroom, hadn't been done since the house was new. I'm not done yet, but I have the hardest part of it done.  Still have to move some furniture, though. Home Depot was closing out Martha Stewart Living paint - which is usually pretty expensive, was half price.  They were closing it out. I am going to have to go back today or tomorrow and get a couple more cans for future use.  You don't find quality paint at that price - hardly ever. 

I also bought some cheap, new mini blinds.  I didn't really want to spend a lot of money on this project, just wanted to get that fresh, new feeling back to the room.  I was surprised they sell mini-blinds for $5 each.  They do, of course, have much more expensive and equisite looking versions, but this will have to do for now.  Christmas is almost upon us and I haven't bought but one present so far.  Now that I know that my family is coming,…


The Police.
I'm walking out the front of my house today to go put power on the card - I totally forgot and looked, there was 12 cents left on the reader, lol.
There is a cop standing out in front of my house with my hoarding next door neighbor who is pointing at the concrete in my driveway.
Curious as to what they are doing, I walk over to the officer who starts talking about the blood in my driveway.

So, one of my tenants takes the dogs for a walk yesterday.  However it happened, one of them had a toenail ripped right off his paw.  Yes, it bled and it bled well.  Paws tend to do that.  There was blood everywhere.  So, someone called the cops. Instead of starting an altercation, I simply brought the dog out and showed him the ripped off paw nail.  That dog is not feeling well and I have been giving him low dosages of aspirin to help with the pain a bit.

Whatever.  I stayed up late last night.  My son's hours are so totally different than mine that I hadn't seen him since…