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It Ended Amiably - Omaha Steaks

My annual call to Omaha Steaks to order a package for my brother and sister-in-law did not start out well.

I certainly did NOT call them to get into some sort of altercation with them. The light went off in my head: get it ordered or they won't have it in time by Christmas.

So I called.  Now, before I got into this, I have an account with them.  My name and what I have ordered with them is on file.

So I ask the lady that gets on the phone what kind of deal she can do for me.  Instead of asking me if I have an account or if I have ever ordered before - or ANYTHING a salesperson should be asking - she states that there are thousands of deals and that she cannot possibly go into all of them.  Wow.  "Well, then, please connect me to a supervisor and perhaps they can give me the information I am asking for". She hung up on me.

Anytime a customer service rep hangs up on me is the pre-cursor for trouble for that person and a deal for me.  But, honestly, I did NOT start out tha…

Sunday 12/18/2011

Got up this morning around 6:00am, had my coffee and then got busy with the painting.  I'm about 2/3rd's done with it now.  I would have it all done but I have to move furniture from the walls and so I was doing sections at a time so the entire room wasn't thrown into chaos, but alas, it is in total chaos anyway and I am going to spend the rest of today attempting to get it all done or most of it anyway and get it back together again.  I am cleaning the carpet and cleaning underneath, behind furniture and everything, it isn't just a paint job, hence it is taking longer.

Anyway, got 2 walls almost done excepting for some of the trim work and then took a shower and headed off to church. A highly amusing Christmas program they put together and then a Christmas Brunch, they called it, afterward.  More like a complete Thanksgiving dinner!  Sat around talked with some folks for a while, though the next time I want to invade other people's table privacy and see about gett…