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Tuesday 12/20/2011

I get off work yesterday and go to find a Christmas tree.  I usually have one long before now during the Christmas season, but, things have been piling up.
Well, I went to Home Depot which is where I normally buy one and they were all out.  They had a couple of them in the back of the Christmas Tree lot, but they apparently were not for sale.  The counter guy calls his manager to see if they are getting anymore: "We are all done for the season".

Wow, okay. Down the street to Lowe's.  They didn't have any either, and weren't getting anymore!

Christmas at Ben Kranks?!!! NO WAYYYYYY!

I sat in Lowe's parking lot and started thinking.  WHO always sells Christmas trees, even up to the last moment. Whitfill's!  That name finally entered my mind.  It's mostly a tree farm, actually, and the main location just happens to be 2-1/2 miles away from my house.  Which is good, cause'  I didn't really want to have a tree strapped to the top of my car for too l…