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Wednesday 12/21/2011

First day of vacation and acting like it.  Got up at 7:38 am.  That's 3 hours beyond my normal start up time.  I am sitting contemplating finishing the bedroom and bathroom - I didn't do anything on it last night.

Procrastination?  Hardly.  Just taking a breather, but in about 30 minutes I am going to go full out on it and get it all done today.  Hopefully, lol.  I have such a large list of things I want to get done, I'm not sure it will all get finished in time - but - I am not going to stress over it.  By the time Saturday gets here, it will look good enough.

2 solid hours of work got the bedroom 99% done.  Tired of that (come back to it later to give the finishing touches), I went into the bathroom. Gonna scrub that entire room including the walls.  But I'm going to start alternating between inside and out of the house so I don't get burned out on one thing.  I am not really all that interested in doing all of this during what should…