Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday 12/21/2011

First day of vacation and acting like it.  Got up at 7:38 am.  That's 3 hours beyond my normal start up time.  I am sitting contemplating finishing the bedroom and bathroom - I didn't do anything on it last night.

Procrastination?  Hardly.  Just taking a breather, but in about 30 minutes I am going to go full out on it and get it all done today.  Hopefully, lol.  I have such a large list of things I want to get done, I'm not sure it will all get finished in time - but - I am not going to stress over it.  By the time Saturday gets here, it will look good enough.

2 solid hours of work got the bedroom 99% done.  Tired of that (come back to it later to give the finishing touches), I went into the bathroom. Gonna scrub that entire room including the walls.  But I'm going to start alternating between inside and out of the house so I don't get burned out on one thing.  I am not really all that interested in doing all of this during what should be vacation time, but the end result will definitely be worth it.
The All-Day Entry.  Took the shower doors off and outside where I thoroughly scrubbed them.  Then scrubbed the entire shower stall itself.  An hour's worth of work or more just for that.  Tired of this stuff, I left.  Went to Fresh 'N Easy for my spiral half ham.  No, I went to Radio Shack first, but that store was closed down.  Having no idea where the other locations are and not having my computer with me, I figured to try Fry's Electronics, but went to Fresh' N' Easy after that and then Walmart after that.  Had to get a couple new air pumps for my ponds, the other ones quit working.  Got a bunch of other stuff, too, and then headed to Fry's Electronics.  They had both nice and junky computer desks there (Caleb's Christmas gift).  Also found the weather stations that my mother wants.  Didn't really like any of theirs, so I am definitely going to go to another Radio Shack location.

Then I started looking on line for a nice computer chair.  I can get the desk at Fry's if it comes down to that, but the chair?  No way am I spending $150 or more on a good chair when people are selling off their stuff on Craigslist because of the bad economy.

Found several, but I'm home for the day and will take up this task tomorrow.

Going outside now to start cleaning out the pond filters.  They are covered with gunk and goo and I need to thoroughly clean both of them, a task I don't especially care for but it has to be done.


First day of winter starts tomorrow.  I have gotten more accomplished today than I thought I would.
But I also - well I didn't really want to but I was looking around - come up with more things to do that need to be done regardless of whether family is coming or not.

End of the day. Treated the house to the new Planet of the Apes movie.  I order it online, it shows on every receiver in the house.  I wasn't really being that generous: I wanted to watch a new release and that one stuck out because I have watched all of the previous movies - a lot of times - and because I just wanted to watch a movie. Well, if I'm going to do it, I do it on the internet and that way everyone that wants to can watch it as well. If I call Direct TV, it was good for the receiver I was calling for in my house. At least,that's the way it was quite a while back - I don't call Direct TV until the issues pop up.  I hate dealing with that company.

Lots done today, much to go.  Still looking for Caleb's computer chair - I think I found one.  It's a $400 chair, used, going for $95.  The pic shows it in excellent condition. I am either going over there tomorrow or -  I have found some cheaper ones that still look very comfortable.  If you're going to sit in a chair for hours playing your internet games or soon: doing school homework, the chair should be, at least IMO, be comfortable.  There is a set that states that being uncomfortable doing homework or in school for that matter helps to keep a person alert.




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