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When They Get Here........

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>that's when I'll be done.
But the house looks quite nice, if I do say so myself.  A few more things, things I may just up and do tonight.  Or not.  Bathroom scrubbed.  Looks nice enough, but a fresh paint job wouldn't hurt.  No time for that now.

Cooking tomorrow.  I have everything I need.  There is going to be a lot more people showing up than this thing started out at. It's a good thing I bought a 15 pound roast, that's all I can say about that, plus an 8 pound ham.

I haven't found sites to cover the factor of a much larger roast, though.  Hmmm.  I have my meat thermometer, if nothing else, that sucker will tell me when it's internally done enough.

I think I have bored people to tears with my blog, not much readership anymore.   Thinking about quitting.

Prince, the black Great Dane, has an infection just underneath his ear.  I hadn't even noticed it before today because of the location of the infection.  Prince has Gumbo the Elephant sized ears - they are huge.  Okay, not the size of an elephant's ears, but the things are massive.  I got to looking at this huge ball that is, undoubtedly, filled with puss and found the intruder.  A bite hole.  Undoubtedly, Prince and Duke got into it again and just as undoubtedly, Duke got his teeth in there.  This isn't the first time this has happened to either of them.

I immediately started the antibiotic treatment and probably am going to take him outsize and squeeze as much of that junk out of there as will come out.  Gross, yes, necessary - yes.

The kid showed up again today.  I started doubting that he was coming at around 9:00am and got busy with other stuff, namely, shampooing the living room carpet and working on my bathroom.  I told him I didn't really have time to work wit…

Friday 12/23/2011 The Final Day

I got so much done yesterday that today? Won't be a breeze, either.  I'm close.  Still have to finish buying some things and there is still some work left to do.  I got started on cleaning the carpet in the living room yesterday but got pulled completely off of that to work with that kid outside to get all of that done out there.  Basically, when you're working with kids, you really have to work alongside them in a project that requires as much finagling as that ordeal yesterday was.  Otherwise, you will not see the results you wanted and you only have yourself to blame.

Unfortunately, there is still much I want to get done out there and there is 30 minutes left of cleanup I need to get done out there today, but for the gathering tomorrow?  More than good enough.

I'm going to have to writer later, things just sort of blew up in my face right now, gotta go into overdriver.