Saturday, December 24, 2011

It Is Over

..........but it was fun.  More importantly, I consider it a success.  I'm talking about the family Christmas party, at my house, today and I just sat down maybe half an hour ago after cranking in the kitchen most of the day.

I won't go into all of it, at least now, just because I am exhausted.  The dogs are not happy with me either - I stuck them out on the east/pond side of the house and made them stay there all day.  There were far too many people here to have giant dogs attempting to wander around, getting in everyone's facing and being an annoyance.

In fact, the whole thing started crazy.  Just before guests were to arrive, Prince's infection opened right up.  Blood/puss everywhere.  That was the reason I put them all over there - the blood was all over the kitchen floor, the cement outside, everywhere.  Of all times for that thing to open up...........well, I visited them several times today, but I made them stay over there much to Coco's chagrin.  I made it up to them, though.  Once everyone left, they were given a feast of Prime Rib fat, juices and even some meat.  They stood there and ate and ate and ate until it was ALL gone.  So much so, they are all crashed out right now, lol.

Prince's companions obviously spent some time licking out the wound and it is very clean and also no more ooze coming out of it, at least for now.

Mom loves my trailer.  The one that is going up to her property.  I didn't have time to go out there and visit with her when she went into it, so when she came in, she says: I am guessing that the trailer you want to put up on my property is the on in the back, yes?  Yes, definitely.  She thought the carpet was good enough and didn't really need replacing.  I suppose I could get it professionally cleaned and see what happens, but I would rather replace it to be honest.

Who knows, that entire project was put off with this family Christmas party and now, I can put off all the other stuff and get back to work on the trailer.

Anyway, the best thing is that everyone behaved themselves.  No political BS/bantering, no mouthiness, just enjoyed each other's company, ate fine food and exchanged Christmas gifts.  I scored $75 worth of Home Depot gift cards, yes!  Haven't even thought what I am going to do with it yet.  My middle brother gave me a bag full of stuff, including $60 cash, lol.  I don't mind cash, thank you.  Mom gave me the knife set from Germany - very high quality cutlery and very expensive - and several other smaller gifts.  I just got her the weather station she wanted.

My oldest brother showed me a 4-wheeler magazing -with his toy featured in it.  Wow!  Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road magazine. His Toyota thing and his mug are on a huge, almost page width and length pic.  He then showed me another toy he apparently just got done building.  I shook his hand when they were leaving and congratulated him.

This is the second time I have done Christmas and served a Prime Rib roast and a spiral ham.  I was amazed at how much meat was consumed, but being a 15 pound roast, the Prime Rib leftovers were quite sufficient to send home with everyone.  But the ham?  Almost totally consumed. The glaze I made was a simple honey, concentrated orange juice and brown sugar mix.  Delicious.  My oldest brother's wife - well she wanted that ham bone last time so I offered it to her again.  Makes a nice soup, I guess.  She said no, whispering that she didn't want to take something my mom would want.

Well, I had already heard from mom.  I was going to give the Prime Ribs - rib bones - to the dogs as my Christmas present to them. Not that dogs know what Christmas is, but who cares. She went into this detailed explanation of how I could put those ribs in a slow cooker, put whatever I have at hand in  with it - and that was rather detailed as well - cook and have some delicious soup.  I listened and said great!  She's totally into that stuff - I love soup but I know how much she loves making soups during the winter - our version of it, so a bit later I went up to her and offered her the ribs.  I left a lot of meat on them, too.  She said no, I could make the soup.  I said  no, you can have those ribs and make a nice, hot, delicious soup out of it.

It didn't take much pushing.  She accepted and happily took them home with her.  I just called her - make sure she got home okay.  She didn't want to spend the night but dark fall occurred shortly after she left.  All's well, thankfully.  Linda - my brother's wife - took home the huge ham bone plus a lot of meat.

All in all - definitely worth the effort.  I am rejuvenated on my desire to get the trailer done, ready to go.  Not that I am starting on it tomorrow - tomorrow is Christmas and I might visit some folks, not sure about that yet, but I don't plan on working on anything.  In fact, I may just spend a quiet day enjoying the season.  I suppose I could take a hungry family some great food : )

That's it.  It ain't all, just that that's it for me for today.  I am content, full, happy and tired.

Merry Christmas.


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