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It Is Over

..........but it was fun.  More importantly, I consider it a success.  I'm talking about the family Christmas party, at my house, today and I just sat down maybe half an hour ago after cranking in the kitchen most of the day.

I won't go into all of it, at least now, just because I am exhausted.  The dogs are not happy with me either - I stuck them out on the east/pond side of the house and made them stay there all day.  There were far too many people here to have giant dogs attempting to wander around, getting in everyone's facing and being an annoyance.

In fact, the whole thing started crazy.  Just before guests were to arrive, Prince's infection opened right up.  Blood/puss everywhere.  That was the reason I put them all over there - the blood was all over the kitchen floor, the cement outside, everywhere.  Of all times for that thing to open up...........well, I visited them several times today, but I made them stay over there much to Coco's chagrin.  I made i…