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Merry Christmas! Sunday 12/25/2011

Merry Christmas to everyone, everywhere, friends and strangers alike!
Whatta crazy couple of weeks it's been leading up to yesterday's party.
All of that work - I can now put some of that off for a while and get back
to working on that trailer.  I put the money aside in a savings account to get
it moved up north whenever I can get it finished.

It was just nice to see that mother likes the trailer and that it has her stamp of approval.

I have enough food in my refrigerator to last for days.  In fact, several more trays of
food appeared in my fridge since I went to bed last night - I am guessing Caleb
must have brought it home from work.  Yes, he had to work yesterday but at
least he has Christmas Day off.  A new page in his life will be opening up with the
start of school next month.  He will be a very busy young man with all that he intends
on doing in going to school, going to the gym and working.  I'm proud of my son, he
has a good work ethic though I guess he doesn'…