Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! Sunday 12/25/2011

Merry Christmas to everyone, everywhere, friends and strangers alike!
Whatta crazy couple of weeks it's been leading up to yesterday's party.
All of that work - I can now put some of that off for a while and get back
to working on that trailer.  I put the money aside in a savings account to get
it moved up north whenever I can get it finished.

It was just nice to see that mother likes the trailer and that it has her stamp of approval.

I have enough food in my refrigerator to last for days.  In fact, several more trays of
food appeared in my fridge since I went to bed last night - I am guessing Caleb
must have brought it home from work.  Yes, he had to work yesterday but at
least he has Christmas Day off.  A new page in his life will be opening up with the
start of school next month.  He will be a very busy young man with all that he intends
on doing in going to school, going to the gym and working.  I'm proud of my son, he
has a good work ethic though I guess he doesn't much care for the job he is currently

All well and fine, I told him, but make sure you find another job first before you go quitting that
one.   I covered car insurance for him last month, but I don't want to have to do that again.  I
want him to pay for his own car insurance and that's that.   I have enough expenses to have to cover
his as well.  He has a free place to live. I may change that as well.  If his work continues to give
him the hours he is getting, then I feel it fair at his age to pay at least a small amount of rent.  I heard a bit more chatter yesterday with my family and Caleb talking about his trip to Florida.  The reason?  I had guessed it before they left on that trip: her family attempting to talk her into moving back.  That's all well and fine, too, but don't be attempting to pressure my son into moving with her.  Let him make his own decision without pressure from either side.

As for me and today?  I am content to do nothing.  I was talking to an old friend yesterday who lives not far away, she was talking about me coming over there to spend the day with her family.  Dunno.  I'm pretty
worn out at this point.  I would rather just watch some Christmas movies, go hang out at my fish ponds and sit around doing a lot of nothing for a couple of days.

Oh!  Bashas' still has Standing Rib Roast on sale!  I started to regret not buying another, smaller one and have it freezer wrapped, put in the freezer and save it for some time in the future.  You just can't go out and buy Standing Rib Roast at $3.75 every day of the week. In fact, most stores don't carry that cut at all excepting this time of year.  I gotta say, the electronic thermometer?  I should have bought one a long time ago.  You can cook your large roasts to perfection with one of those things.  You know the exact, internal temperature of it.  You can cook it rare, medium rare, medium -- whatever you like.  No guessing games.  I cooked my roast to 142 degrees and it came out perfect.  Medium rare, I should say.  I like my meat rare, actually, but most people don't like meat as rare as I like it so I cooked it so that the edges of the meat were brown to about an inch in and then varying shades of pink and red in the middle.

I'm making myself hungry and I just happen to have 2, very large platters of that meat left : )  With all the fixins' : )

Time to go reheat dinner!

Merry Christmas!

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