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Monday 12/26/2011

So, yesterday, my friend from the past calls.  She had called earlier in the week and asked if I would come over and show her how to use a new chainsaw she had purchased.  I decided to go over, why not - though I knew what was in store: cutting up logs for firewood.  I got over there and found out the husband - they are divorced - was there for Christmas to visit with the kids.

I mean , really?  I was a bit reluctant at the point to stick around, who knows what might be going through a man's mind of his former wife with another dude showing up.  Not that I was there to do anything like that.  Well, he was amiable enough so I just let it ride.  Sat around for awhile looking at all the old photos she - Mary that is - had, some from days I had totally forgotten about.  Kids were playing Black Ops with the dad, though the boy was making all kinds of jokes and hilarity.

Well, the day wasn't getting any younger, so I grabbed the chainsaw and headed out back.  Mary is on a very tigh…