Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday 12/27/2011

I'm in a bit of a mood after calling Quest, well now called Century-Link - whatever name the company goes by, the customer service completely and totally sucks grapefruit sized golf-balls - and this time not listening to them at all.

I'm not going to listen to some "customer service respresentative" in the Philippine Islands attempting to dictate to me how things are going to go.  I am quite disgusted with this company and I am ready to move on.  I'm going to have to ask Cox internet if I can still use the router/modem that I have with their service.  It's a Motorola 3347, it's provided by Quest and I - have doubts it will work with Cox, with is the major drawback to switching and having to buy a new router.

Well whatever.  I did not sleep well last night and I was tired all day at work.  I got home and took a 75 minute nap and felt better.  I found out today that our branch is going to be closed on Friday - all well and good but I am - long interlude, a phone call distracted me from writing this entry.  I am going to bed early, I thought, instead, normal time.

It was the friend from the past.  Now I have been invited to dinner tomorrow night.  Lol.  Yes, I am going, but it was with the caveat that I can't stay late, sorry, gotta get up early for work.

Well, you can read into that whatever you wish.



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