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Friday 12/30/2011 The 350 Man/Modelo Beer

350 man is starting trouble again.  It's in his nature to do so, it's no surprise to me, not to mention he does absolutely nothing all day long, every day: what a miserable existence.

Regardless, this time it is not with me.  If he even speaks one word to me, I will be calling the police and having his @$$ hauled off to jail.  No, now it's Randy - who is my next door neighbor - and Randy is next door neighbors with 350 man.  Randy is attempting to get his property ready to build a house.  He had the property surveyed and found out 350 man is building his fence 2 feet into Randy's property.

I didn't hear it, WWW III that is, but Mark was talking with Randy and there apparently was a word war - which definitely does not surprise me - and then there was threats and now Randy also wants to get an Injunction Against Harassment against 350 man.  Supposedly, 350 man's mother - who is paying for 350 man's complete, pathetic existence - is going to offer Randy $500 …