Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday 12/30/2011 The 350 Man/Modelo Beer

350 man is starting trouble again.  It's in his nature to do so, it's no surprise to me, not to mention he does absolutely nothing all day long, every day: what a miserable existence.

Regardless, this time it is not with me.  If he even speaks one word to me, I will be calling the police and having his @$$ hauled off to jail.  No, now it's Randy - who is my next door neighbor - and Randy is next door neighbors with 350 man.  Randy is attempting to get his property ready to build a house.  He had the property surveyed and found out 350 man is building his fence 2 feet into Randy's property.

I didn't hear it, WWW III that is, but Mark was talking with Randy and there apparently was a word war - which definitely does not surprise me - and then there was threats and now Randy also wants to get an Injunction Against Harassment against 350 man.  Supposedly, 350 man's mother - who is paying for 350 man's complete, pathetic existence - is going to offer Randy $500 for the property and let it go at that.

If it were me?  NO WAY.  Not after all the trouble that dude started with me. I would take him to court and force him to tear down that fence that is only half built anyway and move it back to the property lines. Who wants to lose 2 feet times about 100 feet of property? Even if I the situation wasn't bad with him, I STILL would want my property back.  So, apparently, Randy is also considering taking him to court to force 350 man to move that fence back 2 feet.

Lol.  This is what this neighborhood is all about.  I have ignored the whole lot of them ever since the court appearance for the Injunction.  I want absolutely nothing to do with any of them.  They can't fight with me anymore, so now they are "in-fighting" with themselves.  It's a vicious circle that has gone the rounds many times over.  350 man apparently was complaining about my trailers.  Yeah, well there is going to be a huge advantage to having those trailers parked where they are coming very soon: all that construction noise that is going to start on Randy's property? Those trailers are going to help tone it down a bit.

Regardless, the City of Phoenix informed me that those trailers are "perfectly acceptable", only that you can't have people living in them.

If it weren't such a time-consuming and possibly expensive proposition, I would go downtown and file for a variance on my property to allow such.  In reality, Mark and Lynnette would probably move back into the trailer if they were allowed to.  They liked living in that thing.

Anyway, that fact that those trailers irritated 350 man are enough to make we want to just keep them there.  His property is pathetic.  A new house with NO landscaping and has been sitting like that for 2-1/2 years or more now.  Just bare dirt.  No shrubbery, no trees, no grass, no landscaping rock, nothing, just plain dirt.  THERE is something he could do with his time and exhaust quite a lot of it: go buy some plants and start digging holes.  It's a lot of work, but he has nothing to do anyway.

If I were to ask 350 man why his property looks like skid row, he would answer because he has a medical condition and he can't do work like that.  No, but he can go around threatening people and getting into violent word wars and running all over the place sticking his nose into other people's business.  Somehow, I doubt the sincerity of his claims that he made in court that he has a "condition".  Yes, he does have a condition: Complete And Utter Stupidity Syndrome or CAUSS for short.  Hmmm, I just made that up but it looks pretty good! Hey, CAUSS!  Yeah, you!  Over there in the 350 pound flesh dress.

Maybe I shouldn't make fun of him, but he started way too much s*** with me.

Well, there it is, the latest neighborhood fun and I had nothing to do with any of it.  I'm sure he can't stand the fact that he cannot talk to me, look at me, make his stupid gestures at me, all the ridiculous things that he does.  Oh, the 30-something meth head has said absolutely nothing to me since that court date as well.  He walks by, but now he is keeping his stupid mouth shut as well.

So, kinda nice actually.  Let them fight amongst themselves all they way.

As for me? I have sat here all morning doing almost nothing.  I am about to go outside, however, and see about putting the AC unit back together with the parts I bought.  I put that off for weeks now because of the Christmas party and all that I did to get ready for that affair.  Now that that is over, I have no more excuses excepting.......I am on vacation!

Meanwhile, all the tenants were out here last night and we were whooping it up - party style - having a grand old time.  That's over and they are all gone now, lol.  Well, Mark is here.  Mark is almost always here.  He goes to the store but mostly, he goes outside and putters around doing small projects (which certainly doesn't bother me at all since those projects almost always help me/my property).

Caleb saw Anthony and those other kids walking down our street yesterday.  Caleb was cool with all of them but Anthony didn't speak a word to him.  The fact that Anthony is anywhere near my house?  Not comfortable with that at all.

Whatever.  Another individual that I not only don't see and don't miss but have all but completely deleted out of my memory banks.  Thankless ingrates, the whole lot of them.

Short break.  Went up to the store to get some stuff, including Comet cleanser that is on sale for $1 per large can. Came back and lo and behold, who was standing out in front of my house?  Anthony's grandfather. We used to get along pretty well, but now? I had no idea.  No, no problems.  He was cool and congenial.  We talked a few minutes.  He is the one that moved in the next street over, which factually corrects that story that the whole family had moved in over there.  Not a long conversation, but I am not going to start a war where one is not needed, we parted ways amiably enough.

I called the mortgage company today and asked about refinancing the house since they never answered the email I sent through their system to them.  They didn't know and connected me to their bank - MidFirst.  They didn't know, either, but would have someone call me back.  Yeah, sure.  That's what they say every time, notwithstanding the fact that you never get a return phone call.  I am going to keep bugging them until they at least give me an answer.

The 20-something was talking to me about what kinds of beers I like last night.  He is Mexican and loves all kinds of Mexican beers.  I said I have tried Corona, which I like, but the Dos Equis I don't like.  He asked if I had tried Modelo. No, I have seen it all over the place but never tried it.  That was it.  10 minutes ago, I go into my refrigerator and find a 6-pack of bottled Modelo sitting in there.  As I have been saying, all current tenants are very cool people.  Some have a few habits I don't much care for but I can live with - we all do something in our lives that undoubtedly annoys someone else.  He was telling me last night about his girl pickups - he's a very handsome young man and pretty much gets whatever he wants in that market, lol.

Finally, Lynnette went to Walmart and bought a new coat.  I didn't know until last week, I think it was, that she doesn't OWN a coat and has been going out to the bus stop on some days early, in 40 degree weather, without one.  I gave them a Walmart gift card for Christmas - that is about the only place they shop for anything so I figured it would help them a bit.  She bought a coat and he bought new shoes.  I had no idea his shoes were so worn out there were holes in the bottom of them. They don't tell me their problems, I guess they're just happy to have a place to live.



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