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Saturday 12/331/2011 New Year's Eve Day

I have sat here basically lazing off all morning long.  No desire to do anything since I am going to spend the entire day and night over at my friend's house - though that may change, not sure.  I kinda like coming home to my bed at night.

Mary wants me to come over at 2:00. We were talking last night and I was talking about my son's and I's intended fishing trip this coming year - probably in June I am guessing will be a good time.  She immediately asked if she could go with us.  This girl is more of a Tomboy than anything, she always has been.  If a guy can do it, she can too.

She has a friend who is totally into fishing and she wants us to go over there and visit with him this afternoon. I was like, gee, there is no rush, doesn't have to happen right away, but that's the way she is.  The guy is an apparently walking computer brain when it comes to fishing, tackle, lures etc etc etc.  I would like to get a bit better handle on this deep sea fishing scenario befo…