Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scaled Back Eating

I gave into eating a lot of junk in the last month and a half - and gained 5 pounds while doing it.  Lots of pie and cookies and this, that and the other thing being shoved in my face.  Especially that caramel pecan turtle pie - oh my goodness.

I am not giving in now and it has nothing to do with New Year's Resolutions.  It's simply going back - a bit more extreme though to make up for what I have indulged in - to what I was doing before Thanksgiving hit and ever since then until New Year's.

I can't believe I let myself go like that.  Not anymore.  I didn't eat today until 3:30pm.  I didn't eat yesterday until late, either and have only eaten twice on both days.  It won't stop, either.  I can do without food.  I get hungry and eat, yes, but if I'm not hungry, I don't sit around and eat the "mindless" junk food.  Today was a fluke, though, I was looking for somewhere to stop and eat and there was nothing but garbage food available at whatever places a large truck can find a place to pull into.

I thought, "I'm hungry, time to stop".  Something else intervened and said: "Gee, and you want to be a 300 pound man, yes?"  Drove right on by those places and quelched the hunger desire with sheer, utter determination.  Yes, I am aware that quelched is not a word, but it should be, lol.  Funny thing? I wasn't morbidly hungry when I got home and ate a portion of a shrimp platter  and was full.

Later, I was offered a sloppy joe sandwich.  High calorie?  Maybe, but only 1? Notta problem.

It will be this way for a while, too.  I will decline whatever sugar or fat filled junk I am offered.

Hmm, time got away from me.




Lowandslow said...

I need to follow your lead. In fact I WILL follow your lead. Off with the weight!!!!

Glad I found you again. Come visit, OK? :)


BenB said...

Heya Scott, good to see you!
I have seen you posting on Bobby's and I think Fin's and maybe Westy's, too. Happy New Year!

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