Sunday, February 26, 2012


I guess I should stop going.  I go in there with terrible mind battles more often than not and today was no exception.
I don't blame this church I am going to, per-se, I probably really only have myself to blame but whatever.
There isn't much to say about it.  I lasted through 1 hour and 10 minutes of worship service, got up and left.
I promised myself that I would at least try the "small groups" and so, I at least try to keep promises to myself, so I will attempt to go on Tuesday evening and see what, if anything, happens.  The leader of the small group I signed up for actually came forward and introduced themselves.

Anyway. Coco - my Catahoula - not doing well at all.  I broke down.  I wasn't about to insert that enema syringe in there with all the fight she puts up, but enough is enough.  Took her outside, sat down on top of her and she had no choice.  She didn't like it - of course - but tough.  I did it again 40 minutes later and will be doing it again another 20 minutes from now and will continue with this until all that gunk comes out of there.  I have been dumping mineral oil down her throat.  She is gaunt looking, her flash wrapped over her ribs, she is obviously miserable and I can't just not doing something that will help her because she doesn't like it or - it grosses me out as well.  When we get past this, I am going to feed her food that will help fatten her back up again.  I set freshly cooked chicken out there for her a while ago and she wouldn't touch it.

Another 5 hours of enemas and I hope something happens.

Caleb still not feeling well at all.  I am feeding him and getting him fluids, the rest is up to resting and time.

I don't get the use of ATM's, really.  If it's your own bank's ATM and you aren't charged a fee, then no biggies. But paying $3 for YOUR money simply because it's coming out of some other bank's ATM machine is outrageous.  Rarely, do I use an ATM and now that QuikTrip has my bank's ATM's in every store, much more abundant locations all over the place, I need not use a fee'd ATM.  I have never liked the idea of paying money to get = your money.  I have done it- yes, but extremely infrequently.  A few times at some casinos, a few times on vacation, other than that, never locally.

Convenience costs money, in many cases and it's simply not worth it, much of the time, for me to throw money down the drain that could be going to something else.  What got me started on this? A story about ATM's with banks that are charging 3% per transaction, not $3.  Difference without a distinction if you're taking out $100, but anything over that?  $3 per 100 is basically what that means.

I'll go back to cash only living, having no bank and doing money orders before I am forcefully subjected to outrageous bank fees.  At the moment, I have free checking - that because I both have direct deposit and also use my debit card more than 8 times per month.  Either of them will get free checking at the bank I am currently using, though I am considering switching to a credit union.

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