Tuesday, February 28, 2012


........urinary tract infection, so much so that she, my dog Coco, is pissing blood.  That's the verdict of the doc.  Handed me a bottle of pills, told me to give them to her once a day until they are gone.  Make sure she is drinking water - which is the first thing she did when she got home, stuck her head in the 5 gallon bucket (when you have 3 large dogs, you go with large quantities of water available, those little water dishes do nothing for dogs that size) and started drinking away.

She would not, unfortunately, touch any food.  She hasn't eaten since Friday.  I just tried giving her some chicken and then tried giving her a doggy biscuit, both her favorites, wouldn't even think about it.  I can't force the dog to eat.  That's the plain and simple truth of it, she will eat when she is going to eat.  But I am going to try some canned dog food anyway, in a few moments, as she has always liked that stuff as well.  She is going to have to stay outside tonight, unfortunately, because she is pissing small quantities of blood all over the place and I cannot have that in my house.  I love dogs, but I don't love them that much.  Hopefully the antibiotics will start to work quickly and perhaps we can get this problem behind us and she will start eating again.

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  1. Poor pooch. Hope she gets better soon and gets her appetite back, too.



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