Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Woman, Another Car

Well here we go.  I'm driving the semi on I-10, approaching the Salt River bridge - though no river anymore, we just call it the Salt River bottom.  A lady in a tin can car in front me going 65mph, the speed limit.  I'm following behind, moderate traffic.  An Arizona Highway Patrol cruiser comes up in front of us, just past the 27th Avenue on-ramp.  There is a Highway Patrol yard on 27th avenue and that is where they get on if going eastbound.

Well, suddenly, this lady slows down to 55mph.  I had no where to go, too much traffic to safely change lanes and anyway, I knew what was coming ahead: I was in the best lane for moving along and for getting off where I need to get off at, even if 5 miles away.  We get on the bridge - I can see well ahead, brake lights, a whole sea of them.  This lady is now 150 feet or more behind the nearest car in front of her.  She was maybe 30 feet before.  I'm getting annoyed, keep up with traffic.  But I gave up on the attempt to get over in the next lane, traffic too heavy and I didn't NEED to get over besides this person going to slow.

We're down to stop and go traffic.  The cop is staying either behind us or beside us 2 lanes over.  I finally got it: this lady has some sort of legal issue, that cop is seeing what she is doing - erratic driving  - and what is going to happen next.  Well, for quite a while, nothing.  Yet, the cop didn't attempt to move on like they always do if there's no prospects.  He's still just there in a sea of cars, moving very slowly.  Yes, he could have gotten into the HOV lane and taken off, so I knew SOMETHING had to be up.

Well, 10 minutes of this and finally the cop moves ahead in traffic and is beside a semi, out of the view of the lady in the car though totally in my view.  He hits his brakes.  Slows down to let the semi pass.  Gets into the lane next to me.  He's ahead of me in the next lane over.  I already knew what was going to happen, I slowed  down and let him in.  Lights flashing, behind that lady and I can tell that lady is freaking out.

I dunno what happened there today, but it was a few moments of - umm - drama? - just attempting to feel out what the cop was doing and how non-nonchalantly he was doing it, as if he wasn't paying that car or it's driver any attention at all, yet undoubtedly inputting the license plate info and the owner info into his computer's database and finding out what's going on.

People make themselves obvious.  I could see it when the cop was in FRONT of us and hadn't even seen this woman's driving behavior. If she had driven normally, that cop probably would never have spotted her in that kind of heavy, heavy traffic.

So, a few minutes ago, I am on my facebook page.  A FB friend posted a site with dog pics, so I clicked on it.  All kinds of lovable, furry critters in all kinds of different poses, then I get to this photo, here:
A picture of a man crying after being reunited with his beloved dog after his house was destroyed.  The dog's name? Coco.

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