Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Chinese Buffet

Their chick sticks are of heavenly origins, I am sure of it.
I had never seen chicken sticks like this before, much less tasted anything that was that good.
I am going to small group at church tonight and it's a pot luck type of thing.  Instead of cooking something, I figured I would take about 20 of them in there and everyone would get at least one of them.

Regardless, they had all of 3 left when I went in there and a lady came up and snatched them before I could get my hands on them.  So, I just stood there and waited.  The owner finally came up and asked what I was waiting for.  I pointed at a slew of empty pans, but most notable the chicken stick pan.

He was, apparently, not exactly happy that the food trays were near empty and rushed into the kitchen to take care of business.  A few minutes later, trays full of food started appearing.  A few minutes after that, they came up with the chicken sticks, but there was only twelve of them.  I took all of them and just waited some more.  Honey chicken finally came out - Mark and Lynnette love this stuff so I buy them a container full every time I come in here - Lynnette being in love with the Honey Chicken.

Done with that, they came out with more chicken sticks.  But again, only 12 or maybe 14 of them.  A lady took a couple.  I looked at the owner: "well is it okay to take more?".  He's all over that, yes yes, take as many as you want, we cook more.  I took all of the rest of those as well and decided that was enough waiting and probably enough money.  There's 10 or 12 in the group, sometimes more.  Everyone is bringing something, so if they get one of the chicken sticks each at least, then that should be good.  I can just about guarantee that someone or many someones are going to ask about where I got those chicken sticks.

"Ancient Chinese Secret, located at McClintock and Baseline" I will respond.

Long interlude.  I took an almost hour-long nap.  If I have to stay up later than my bedtime, gotta make it up somewhere.  Time to leave for church.

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