Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday 3/16/2012

Friday at work did not end as planned.  But, I had a 50-50 shot at it anyway.  Get off at noon.  The earliest I can leave work under "normal" circumstances is noon, even if I am on overtime.  

I started the day off this morning at the full allotted hours for the pay period, meaning all day today is overtime.  Around 11:45 am, I get calls.  More than one yes.  About the same thing:  a huge order being put into the system to be pulled today, loaded and delivered today.  I figured 4:00pm before the day would be over - I was close, it was 4:40pm before I clocked out.  10 and a half hours of overtime and yes, I"ll take it. 

According to the forecasts - and I have looked at a lot of them - there is, depending on which site you look at - an 80-90% chance of rain on Sunday.  That usually means it's definitely going to rain.  I haven't seen real rain in about 6 months.  It if REALLY does rain like that all day long, I will be in heaven.  I will leave the east side door open and listen to the water pouring off the roof, into one of the ponds that is close enough to the house that the water pours into it.  

I won't be driving anywhere, if at all possible. People around here do not know how to drive in the rain.  In fact, most people around here don't know how to drive at all, whether clear, blue skies or watered down streets.  When it really rains here, the accident list goes WAY up.  I won't want to go anywhere, anyway, I will want to sit here and listen, watch and feel it all day long.  I truly HOPE it happens.

Which means, however, that that gaping hole I put in the trailer roof last weekend by means of removing a vent will have to be done tomorrow.  I planned on doing it anyway, but now a fire has been lit on my feet and it is going to be done.  I will be greatly hoping that the other vent I already installed will hold tight against the water - though I still have to put a bead  around the edges and cover it with elasomesoteric coating - all will be done tomorrow.  I have everything I need to finish it, just have to do it.

But, I am staying up late - for me anyway, at least 10:00 pm.  I have no need to get up early in the morning and I don't WANT to get up early.  I have been getting up early forever.  I will get up around 7 or 8 in the morning and that is an extremely late rise for me : )  I want to sleep in and then get up, take a long, hot shower, eat some breakfast with coffee and then, get on the internet, take my sweet old time and THEN, I will get up on the roof of that trailer and finish that vent thing.  Which doesn't mean that roof is finished, but it is getting there.  

Okay, I will have to get out of bed earlier than that to let the dogs out of the room so they can go outside and do their business, lol.

Well it's bedtime.




  1. You could always just put a tarp over it too.

  2. Here the weatherguessers just throw a dart at a board and that's their forecast. They haven't a clue. Hope you get your rain. It will be nice to have heading into the summer months.


  3. Thanks. I just got the thing installed! Yes, a nice, good drenching would be fabulous!


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