Sunday, March 18, 2012

I went into the 5th wheel trailer a bit ago to check again.  It rained a bit again, just looking for leaks.  I had all the dogs come in, too.  Duke - 150 pound Great Dane - can leap up and over the stairs and right into the trailer.  Sophie, the new doggy, easily passes right by the stairs on her way through the air.

Prince?  Tried and tried, but he wouldn't try to jump.  So I picked him up and put him in there.  The axles on the trailer are inverted - meaning the trailer sets way up off the ground.  They do that when people intend on taking a trailer into terrain that can't handle "low rider" stuff in bottoming out.  The stairs are not compatible for dogs, a much larger set with smaller increments would work.  Regardless, I had all 3 of them in there. Kinda of a small space for as much dog was in there, but we'll figure it out.

I sat there with the intrigue of going up to the mountains as much as possible and a solemness that Coco won't be there.  I know, sounds crazy, but I talk to my dogs.  Always have.  I told her a bunch of times that we would be going to the mountains this summer.  A promise that will only be kept by taking her ashes up there.  She has been to that property several times in the past, she absolutely loved it.  But, I told my other dogs the same thing.  They had no understand of what I meant.  They will start to understand it "Wanna go to the mountains?" as I say that and then we head out.  They'll get the idea that it's time to get in the car and go for a 2 plus hour drive up to a place that is MUCH different than the place they "live at".  A place where I don't have to keep them on leashes and that they can run free.  I don't have to worry that animal control is going to come along and pick them up, or that they are going to encounter other dogs or humans.  Well, there are other dogs and humans up there, but no that many and almost never do you encounter them while on walks in the woods.

I also sat there and wondered if life was going to throw me any other curve balls before then.  Then pretty much being the end of May when my mother will be going up there and I will arrange to have the thing hauled up there.

If I were to live my life in the fear of what might happen, I would never do anything or get much of anything done.  So, I put it out of my mind.  Most bridges are only meant to be crossed if and when you get to them.

It finally started raining again.  Heavy winds are blowing so the rain is coming in sideways against the sliding glass door.  Between a light and moderate rainfall.  I had hoped for this hours ago.  It would be cool if  it started pouring rain and I could hear the sound of it.  Instead, it's too light to even hear it hitting the glass or the roof.

I'll actually be glad to eventually get both of those trailers out of here. It will open up the west side of the house and will also let the trees over there start to get full sun again.

Well that's it. I am still pondering and pouring over the message at church this morning.  There is much to ponder.  I feel the winds of change coming, but I don't know what it is.


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