Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is There Anyone That Doesn't Do Twitter?

The answer is yes.  I know this for a fact that at least one person in the United States does not visit twitter, does not go to movie stars Twitter accounts and google and ga or make profane statements or otherwise.  The reason I know this? That person happens to be me.  I think I started an account there, moved around, did the rounds, hated it.  Boring.  Stupid.  Egotistical.  A bunch more adjectives.  Who cares?  I hear birds tweeting around here all the time, that's enough twittering for me, thanks and I like to listen to the birds tweets, I really could care less about the internet version of it.

Why say that?  It's EVERYWHERE, ALL the time. In the news, in the mail, on your facebook wall, you can't get away from it, yet, I NEVER go there!! My life is not in danger of being ended because I don't do Twitter.  I blog here, I occasionally write on Facebook, I do Yelp here and there, a few other things I have been affiliated with for years and years concerning trucking.  But Twitter? Can disappear off the face of the cyber earth and I wouldn't be affected one way or the other, at all.  Yes, I do all kinds of READING all over the internet, Twitter NOT included, I was just elucidating on the places I do write.

I hear too much about tweeting and what people say that gets in the news is mostly stupid, insulting or otherwise offensive.

Enough.  I decided against giving Coco more force-fed food for today. I gave her a lot earlier and I figure I am doing good to get that much in her and get it digested without any problems.  Instead, I will do it again tomorrow morning and then again tomorrow evening - provided, of course, that she doesn't start eating on her own.  But, since she is taking the liquid food and not vomiting it up, I am resolved to do this as long as it takes.  Another day, another week, a month.

Well anyway, I have 3 days off and I am going to rest.  In fact, I am going to bed as early tonight as if I had to go to get up early for work tomorrow, which I don't have to do but definitely am headed there in a few minutes.


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  1. I don't get Twitter either. I don't understand why anyone would want to know what I'm doing every minute of the day. I certainly don 't want to know what they're doing every second. Maybe it's a generational thing. I dunno.



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