Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday (whatever date it is)

I didn't sleep well last night.
Went to bed at 8, woke up around 1:30 and never got back to sleep.
I should have just gotten up and done something to make me sleepy, but I didn't.

I guess I won't go into all the thoughts.  I called my mom yesterday to tell her that Coco
has passed, thinking I was going to be able to have a conversation about it, but I quickly
found myself breaking down again and realizing just give it a few more days or so and this
will pass.  Perhaps those images of her death won't pass so quickly, though.

Going into work today might be a bit rough. I've been off for 3 days - I took a vacation
day on Friday, but I will call it anything but a vacation.  When I first started this process of
getting that travel trailer to go up to the mountains, speaking of vacationing, it was with all
these dogs in mind, especially Coco.

Perhaps a little time will change it, but now it seems a moot point.  You know, running around in the
woods and having a grand ole time.

I probably should just shut up at this point, I have nothing positive to say, my thoughts are bleak.


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  1. You need to refocus your attention towards your other dogs, Ben. They're still here NOW. Enjoy them NOW. Take them to the mountains with you NOW. Enjoy NOW. Of course you will continue to think of Coco....she'll always be with you in spirit, if not body. She's feeling no pain now, and is probably quite happy to be in dog heaven, just like you'll be happy to get to your final destination when the time comes. It's all part of the GRAND PLAN. :)



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