Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday 4/6/2012

Mother finally threw in a concession last night while I was on the phone with her, a concession I had given up on.
She said: "You know it takes 3 days for the electricity to get turned on up there?", totally out of the blue.  Uhhh, okay.  "Well, I know you, you might just get a wild hair and want to go up there".  Yup, I do get wild hairs sometimes, no doubting that.

I replied that though the weather up there might not be so great for her, it's already perfect for me.  So it gets cool at night, no biggies to me or the dogs.  So, that sorta puts a bit of a fire under my feet: she's cool with me taking the trailer up there earlier than when she wants to go up there.  Maybe I'll shoot for the 1st weekend in May.  There are still plenty of things to do with that trailer, though the only really time consuming thing left that I know of is to replace the carpeting.

So, this weekend, I think I'll see about getting that carpet from Home Depot and getting it installed.  I informed Mark of my intention of replacing all the carpet instead of just a portion of it, I'm sorta hoping that will get him to working on removing the old stuff as he did with the carpet in the bathroom area.

There is quite a bit of minutia to buy for the thing as well, but that wouldn't take terribly long.   I would like to get the carpet done and then start getting that thing situated in there.  I just scored a vacuum cleaner at work - a salesman was throwing it out because he doesn't like it.  Lol.  Works perfectly well, thank you.

Oh, I am at work.  I sometimes get stuck waiting at contractor sites or vendors and if I have enough time, yup, I'll turn on the mobile broadband and start surfing the net.

Well, I have my work laid out - at least for Saturday. Sunday is going to be a wash, going to mom's will probably take up enough of the day that getting anything done on that trailer is probably going to be a happening event.  She wants us to go with her to Shooter's World to try out her new gun, lol.  I'm not sure that place is going to be open on Easter Sunday?

Well, time's up.



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