Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Have A 55 Gallon Barrel...............

.............was the lady's reply to my question of whether she has a pond.  I see.  Well, I mean, whatever.  I am thinning out the excessive amounts of plants in one pond.  I gave her the entire plant.  I have another one right next to it that is just as large.  So no biggies.  I realized, however, after removing a large amount of fiolage, ie: that large plant, that it had created a large void in the pond for the fish to hide in.  So I moved the remaining plant into such a position to give cover for the fish.  I am going to thin that plant as well, but not too much since fish really WANT to have hiding places.

It's just the way they are, natural instincts, prolly in their DNA.  The need a place to hide in the natural against predators.  They actually ARE predators here that can be a serious threat, namely: Heron. They love pond fish.  My horse trough pond is immune to them, they can't walk into that pond.  But the pond I am thinning the plants in? No such luck.  A heron could walk in there and feast to it's heart's content and come back the next day for more.  Fortunately that hasn't happened.

So, my water lily in that pond needs to come back from it's dramatic loss a year and some months ago in a deep freeze that affected all plants on my entire property to some extent or another.

Well anyway, if that lady doesn't end up using all of that and discarding some of it, so beit.  But I would have rather it gone to a pond that needs as much plants as I can give.  She wanted to take my giant leaf Taro's - like break off a round of it - not happening.  I gave her some small ones that are offshoots of the larger plants.  It's amazing how water plants will send out "shooters" all over the place and start growing in the middle of nothing.  Those offshoots usually thrive, BTW, but it gets to be too much so I give them away.  I told her that with time and patience, those little plants will grow as big as those that she wanted.  Hey, I might have offered her a big plant - for a price and not a cheap price, either.  But it would have taken away from the appearance of what I have going with that clump of plants and I really have no desire to get rid of any of it besides maybe the small ones.

Okay, well another long interlude.  Eddie came over, walked the dogs and meanwhile, the clan came out of the bedroom.  Uhh, so a bit preoccupied.

Whatever the case, time has passed and it's time for bed.




  1. Hey buddy....Hope all is well.


  2. Hi Bobby. Going okay, thanks. Hope your situation is improving.



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