Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday 4/2/2012

One of the Danes definitely could not hold it all night long.
Fortunately, he woke me up before he did anything on the floor.
Poor doggy.  When either of those Danes gets the runs, it usually
lasts several days.  Whatever the case, I let him out of my bedroom and
he high-tailed it for the doggy door.  I decided that he can just stay out of
my bedroom for the night in case that little bit of misfortune was going to hit again.

Been doing some serious pruning of most trees on the property.  Also driving
in lodge poles to help keep the trees growing in the right direction.  The rope I
bought yesterday to tie down the mattress to the car will now have a secondary
use: tying up trees to those poles.

Umm, well anyway.  I continue to see people posting the "date of their death"
all over the internet, as has been the case for some time now.  A program that
predicts the date of your death and people asking if I am going to do it?
Are you kidding?
Why would I want to give some piece of electronic, software junk that much credence in my
life?  No, is my absolute answer, no thank you.  I'll leave that in God's hands.  I can't
imagine the mind games that some people might go through once that date approaches
if it does, indeed, approach anytime soon.  I know I am going to die someday, that's
enough for me.  Sorry, but some of the stuff going on on the internet with people I know
is a bit off the wall, putting it mildly.

Well, time to be off to work.



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