Monday, April 2, 2012

Who the BLEEP is Obama to tell the Supreme Court what to do?  What a big, ugly joke this President is.  This is WHY we have 3 branches of government, the check and balance system, remember?  You know, the Judicial branch, the Executive Branch and the Legislative branch?  Obama must be sweating it to make the statements he was making today.  What is he going to do, send the Marines to the Supreme Court if that court doesn't bow to Obama's demands?

I have no idea what kind of ruling is going to come out of the Supreme Court, but the so-called experts, judging from the questions the Justices asked, are leaning toward an overturn of at least one part of it and if so, potentially all of it.  Here's what I am 99% sure of: the Justices in the Supreme Court could care less what Obama attempts to dictate to them, they are not there to appease a President, they are there to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  I don't care what side of the political realm they are on, they SHOULD be completely unbiased, using no bias for something simply because it agrees with their political viewpoint.  They undoubtedly see things different when it comes to interpreting it, so beit.

One month's rent just handed to me, waiting on the cowboy to come home and hand me some rent money.  He just called me. I haven't seen him in almost a week. He had to jet home to California - which he does frequently - but this time a family emergency.  No details on that, but then asked if he could bring his cousin and his younger brother to stay for a week.  Apparently the younger brother would have had to stay home alone while his parents are off on whatever emergency it is.  I hated to tell him no, but I wanted more money. Didn't ask for it, he offered it after I said okay.

Nice that people understand that more people in a house equals more money spent on electricity and water usage.

Umm, well it's really windy.  REALLY windy.  Like, my hard hat, which I have adjusted tight for snugness on my head - blew right off today when a wind gale hit, with tons of dust blowing with it.  Nasty dust blowing everywhere, but especially out in the open areas where there isn't a lot of buildings and houses.

So whatever.  I slept miserably last night and am extremely tired.  I kept waking up from bad dreams, the likes of which I won't even bother going into.  One of the dogs has the runs and woke me up to let him out - give him a big time pass on that one, wake me up anytime you gotta go.  Then Sophie had another one of her dreams and started making that weird noise dogs make when they are in some sort of dreamland.  As for the situation at work: who knows.  I am just going to work, getting the job done with a good attitude and that's that.  If someone tells me something differently, whatever.


  1. Well Ben, I hope you have a better tomorrow!

    On my side of life, I had to accompany my mother to the vet clinic...we, sadly, put the family Husky down this morning...

    I think it hurt the most to watch my mom go through that.

    So, here's to a better tomorrow and a blessed week! Take care!

  2. Awwwww, sorry to hear that. Just went through that not long ago, not a pleasant experience.
    Amen to a better tomorrow, to you too!


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