Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 days and counting.
Lots to do.  Completely spaced out getting insurance on the trailer.
It's a 1986 model and I only paid $2,500 for it, so hopefully fire insurance on the thing won't cost too much.  I'm not really sure what kind of insurance I can get on it, but I will try to find out today through my auto insurance broker.
They should be able to tack a policy onto my existing policy without too much added expense.  But who knows.  Fire and theft insurance, now that I think about it.

Anyway, Mark will be working on the thing today.  He was complaining how hot it is in there.  I showed him to close the bathroom door and yes, the front half of the trailer will cool down very nicely.  Like in the mid 70's.  It's just getting hot here now, plain and simple.  It will not get up into the 100's up where the thing is going.  If it ever does, then look out down here, cause' the temp difference is at least 20 degrees.

So, still a bit left to go here.  I was making a list and though what is left to buy isn't expensive, per-se, there is still much that I had forgotten.  Thing that I don't want to do without, frankly.  But, if I forget something or even several things, no biggies.

Salesman coming over at 4:00 or so to move around the trailers today.

Which is cool, that gives me tomorrow to do whatever finishing touches before the trip Saturday morning.

Time for work : )



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