Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There should be a website with that or similar name with a registry of people that drive vehicles who believe that engaging in texting, fixing your hair, reading blueprints, getting into deep conversations on the cellphone and a host of other things is safe, a-okay and won't ever have a problem.

Gruesome motorcycle accident not an hour ago.  Car on top of motorcycle.  You could see where the rider had flown off the bike and head first into the windshield of the car that struck it or it struck, with a huge hole in the windshield.  I see stuff like this pretty much every day while driving.

But whatever. Verizon Hot Spot mobile broadband device is not working that great again.  Another simm card gone bad?  I dunno, but it's gonna get old having to deal with it if that's the case.  Having to start up the "argument" with Verizon such as I have had to do with Direct TV over the years is not a very appealing idea, at all.

Scored a Direct TV receiver for my trailer  - brand new still in the box, still in the plastic for $25 and scored a Dish Network box for my mom for her trailer for $20.

Got my spare tire, almost done with the carpet, Mark put a piece of wood in the cabinet where the microwave goes to lift it up higher.  I have left to figure out the trailer brake light problem, finish the carpeting - another hour or two, and buy the knick knacks the trailer will need.  Cooking utensils, toiletries, plastic bags, stuff like that, plus probably some throw rugs to put over the new carpet.  I've got til the 19th to get all that done, shouldn't be an issue.

Also spoke in person this time, with the salesman who is going to move it  up there.  He's good to go, wants gas money up front.  No biggies there.  He's good on his word, I have known him for about 6 years now.

So, getting down to the nitty gritty.  Getting excited, too.  I'm pretty still tinkering with the idea of going up there on Friday and get a gander of the situation, but, not a definitive idea yet.

Well, time's up, at a contactor's and they are here to pick up the part I have.


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