Monday, May 21, 2012

My Dad........

..........has been thrown out of their house by his wife!
I opened one of my email accounts a few minutes ago to find a reply to his original letter from one of my uncles.   I went searching for my dad's email and there it was.  His wife is sick and he says that she feels he isn't taking care of her.  She's a nice lady and things, but there is one thing that has remained true with all of the women that he has been with since mom and him divorced: they don't really like us, his sons.

I can understand that with my brothers shunning him, but I don't get it with me. I communicate with my dad regularly as well as my mom.

Anyway, this lady has told him to leave and apparently he is going to have to take all of his stuff out of there.  My dad is - 83 I think - and not in that great of a condition.  I read the email about how he has been "thrown out several times before", though I had never heard this from him about this situation, it isn't shocking.  The lady he is married to is still in love with her now-deceased husband and whenever I have been around her that's most of what I hear coming out of her mouth, not about how much she loves my dad.  I thought it odd to continue to hear that long after that man has passed.  She has also spoken very foul of my brothers - though really, they deserve it - still, I always got the feeling that same sentiment was coming towards me.  When I went down there for Thanksgiving a few years back and he grown, adult children were there, the sentiment coming from THEM was very strong as well.  It was a very uncomfortable situation and I really wanted to tell one particular individual who was deeply in love with the sound of his own voice what I thought about his sentiments towards my family, but I decided to keep my mouth shut since it was Thanksgiving and didn't want to ruin the holiday.

Whatever the case, I just wrote him an email and offered to go down there and assist him with moving if he wants the help.  Not that I want to spend Memorial Day Weekend moving dad, but, I will do it if he says he wants the help with it.

Welcome to Monday.  It's about 175 miles down to his place in Sierra Vista.  In reality, if he really wanted the help, I would just ask my manager for "emergency" time off.  In my mind, a situation like this with a man that is that old in the health that he is in is going to need the help right now, not this weekend.

Ummm, wow.  Okay, take one step at a time here.  Just going to wait to see what kind of response I get from him, if I don't get a response then I will call him this afternoon.

Whatever the case, life goes on and I must be off to work.



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