Monday, May 14, 2012

Spent a couple of hours after working putting trim - wall and floor - in the trailer.  Just a bit of that left to go and call it done.
My oldest brother finally emailed me back.
He said he was waiting to tell me whether he could be there or not.  He apparently does not go up to that cabin every weekend.  I think his work gives him overtime if he wants it and at the rate of pay I am guessing he is making, that is probably hard to turn down.  But, he said it looks as though he can go.

I wish I could get a job there!  Pension and 401k?!!

Oh well.  Don't get me started on retirement stuff.  That thing sits in my mind all the time.

Gonna start writing up the list tonight - like right after this entry. What do I need.  Gears will be cranking: what will I need that I am not remembering?  Foregone conclusion I will forget something - or several somethings - but I would rather remember as much as possible so it can all get into the trailer and not have to haul a bunch of stuff up there.

Dunno why the lights didn't work on that other guy's truck, I patched a line and juiced it, brake lights came on.  No clue.  Not going to worry about that one at this point.  Down to the nitty gritty.

I was engaging in a "family" wide email started by my dad.  I responded to him and replied all and then was informed that I and one other should start the plans to get a family reunion going in North Carolina.  Good ole' rich uncle Bob.  Great guy, actually.  He didn't used to be.  Money seemed to be his god at one point in life and arrogance his companion.  From what I can tell, he has gotten over all of that.  Well, whatever, I have no means to start or engage in much less GET to a reunion in North Carolina.  I missed the last 2 because of budget constraints.  My cousin then jumped in and said we should have one in Australia, where she is currently living!

Lol.  Would LOVE to go to Australia.  What the rest of my family lines doesn't understand is that a person in my position - not exactly rich - can't just make plans to go jetting across the country or the world for that matter in a couple months notice.  It would have to be more like NEXT YEAR for me to be thinking about saving up enough money to make such a trip.

That's it for today.

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