Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What conditions are necessary for you to sleep? 
Do you have to have it pitch black or a light on? Or no light on, but outside light coming in through a window?
Do you have to have dead silence or do you need a white noise maker? Or something in between?
Do you sleep with the TV on or off?

I personally would love to sleep in true, dead silence.  I would sleep so well in such conditions.  In reality?  i have 3 dogs in the room while I am sleeping.  They scratch themselves; lick themselves; get up in the middle of the night and go drink out of the bathroom toilet (gross, I know); get up and rotate around in circles and lay back down.  Then there is Sophie, the new doggy, who will bark at people she hears coming through the back door.  

Of course, there are the tenants. Some of which are up all night long and are in the kitchen at varying times throughout the night.

Then there's the child-hood factor.  Our house in Pittsburgh - when I was a young kid of course - did not have air conditioning in it of any kind.  During the summers, my parents would place a 2-fan thing in the window and it would blow air into the room and on me while I was attempting to sleep.  These 2-fans-in-one made a lot of noise.  It stuck with me.  

I have to have a fan running at night regardless of winter of summer and I have to wear ear plugs.  

It's just interesting to me to hear the different things that people have to do to get a good night's sleep, or at least try to get it.  

Ummm, so.  I had to tell the guy at work today that he would have to shuffle trailers around to get the one that needs to be moved up north out of my driveway.  I decided to sweeten the pot to get him to do so, with a tank of fuel thrown in on top of the cash.  That kind of "swaying" was enough to not even have him having second thoughts.  He will come over the day before we move it and do the switching around so we don't have to fool with it early in the morning.  

Well, I'm tired and it's my bedtime.




  1. One of the cruise lines made a policy of not allowing their passengers to bring a bunch of electrical appliances aboard. One of the biggest concerns of many of the people writing about it was fans. An astonishing (to me anyhow) number of people said they could NOT sleep without a fan blowing on them. I go to sleep with the tv turned on, but a sleep switch set so it turns off.

  2. Interesting that so many people have the same sleeping dilemna that I do. I can NOT sleep with a TV on. If I happen to fall asleep with it on, I will wake up half an hour later. TV's are extremely annoying to me at night. I rarely watch TV in my room anymore - well I rarely watch TV, period, lol.


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