Sunday, June 3, 2012

I guess I will have my hands full with calls to various corporate headquarters this coming week, including Verizon Wireless; Fry's Food and Drug Stores and Direct TV. Verizon will probably be a battle since I have had few dealings with them and will take some time to figure out what it takes to get to the "right" person.  Fry's  corporate probably has my name flagged by this point, though I haven't contacted them in quite a long time, today was enough.

The newest general manager of the store I frequent? I just talked to her on the phone.  So this is the situation.  I bought a package of "fresh" chicken thighs yesterday.  I decided to look at the expiration date not 20 minutes ago and saw that the package had a due date of - TODAY!!  So, this general manager gets on the phone and I inform her of the situation and ask why her store is selling meat that is due to expire after the next day.  Meat- I don't care which kind you buy - is extremely expensive these days.

Instead of apologizing, she asks me what time I bought it!  "That doesn't make ANY difference, whatsoever, Nancy".  "OHHH yes it DOES" came the stark reply.  I quickly put 2 and 2 together.  If I came at a certain hour before they change the date on the meat,then apparently they would have either taken it off the shelf or probably put a manger's special stamp on it and put a reduced price on it..  I by-passed the entire realm of asking stupid questions and came right to the point: So, Nancy, are you telling me that it's okay to be selling meat that expires in 2 days?  The only way that happens is if it's a manager special and the price is marked down.

She shut up after that. She neither offered an apology or any condolences, whatsoever.  I informed her that since she was taking this stance against me, I would be calling corporate tomorrow and telling them what she told me and that would be that.  I have done the food shopping for a lot of years now: with chicken, it better have at least 3 days before the "sell-by" date comes and goes.  And unlike beef or pork, when that sell-by date comes and goes? That stuff will have a BAD smell to it the next day.

I'm not interested in rotten chicken, but more, I'm definitely not going to tolerate a mouthy general manager. I asked her a simple question, she got the attitude.  Enough.  I know Kroger's doesn't tolerate such s*** and I will be making sure that I get my point across. This woman has acted that way since she took over the general manager's position there, she has the customer service attributes of a wasp. I haven't taken up the fight because I was tired of it - though, usually do get freebies out of it - not worth the pain.

Direct TV is a minor problem - but they know how to turn something minor into a major ordeal, so jury out there.

I was at Fry's today, bought 2 packages of ribs.  Slow cooked them 3 hours on the grill.  One of those melt-in-your-mouth adventures. I spend enough money at Fry's, service rendered should rise to the occasion.

Church was nice today. Hadn't been the last 2 services.  Got the ribbing from several people, but it was all in good taste.  Actually, at least half the members of that church were absent today - beginning of summer, time to get out of town.  I wonder how pastors deal with that?  This is the time of year where people are clamoring to get out of town at any and every opportunity.

I'm pretty much looking at at least 5 days off in July.  Maybe an entire week.  Not sure yet.  When I say 5 days I am always including 2 weekend days. If it's an entire week off, then we're talking 9 days total with 2 weekends.

I am still pondering another trip to San Diego with Caleb after he is done with his 2 month stint in the mountains.   I dunno.  Not looking exactly promising now, but, who knows.  $250 for us to get on the boat: $175 in fuel round trip unless gas prices might come down  


  1. Watch out for Verizon Wireless, Ben ! They love to rip us off. I was with them and now without them...I have Straight Talk unlimited for $45.00 a month. They don't charge "per mb of usage" either, like Verizon Wireless does. Have a great time in July on your vacation! :)

  2. Yup, I'm getting that. I'll have to determine a course of action. I got an email today of "overage use". Lol. Well, I'm hoping for a July vacation, that isn't set in golden stones yet! But thanks! Hope you are doing well.


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