Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I had no more finished a blog entry this morning, walked out the door and headed for my car when I saw a dog running down the street.

Upon closer observation, it became immediately apparent this was no dog.  A coyote.  I took it by surprise - though definitely not intentionally - upon exiting the gate and closing it.  That thing stopped and gave me a look.  I made the same noise to it that I make to my dogs when I am not happy with them.  Can't really describe the noise........but it was enough to get that thing moving again.  Fortunately, it was not traveling in a pack as they are known to do.

I know the mountains are only 2 blocks away from my house, but there is a major surface street between them and my house.  However, not really all that surprising.  Probably looking for food - whatever kind it can find.  I have heard coyotes will definitely take small dogs, I don't know about cats.  Plenty of both in this neighborhood.  I don't really have to worry about that.  My dogs are too large for one thing and for the other, they are in my bedroom at night.  Coyotes come down from the mountains at night and return in the morning.

This one must have been late, lol.  I got in my car and took off down the street to see where it was going.  Back to the mountains. Yup, it found it's way to a bypass between houses that goes to the street - but - that street at that time of day? VERY busy.  I'm not sure what became of it.  It was a very healthy looking specimen, not the raggedy looking things that I have seen up in those mountains.

However, they are considered varmint and if I knew it was legal, I would have simply shot the thing.  Probably is legal in certain areas,  but I am in a residential neighborhood and there is no way I am going to shoot a gun unless my life is threatened.


  1. That coyote could b the solution to your cat problem

  2. Yes, it certainly could be one reason that beast is around here.


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