Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aggressive Panhandling

I've never even heard of this term before "someone" wrote it as a very in-your-face comment here, in my blog.
So anyway, earlier, I wanted something to eat and since I am on holidays - vacation - I decided to have a delivery.  But, no pizza, thanks.

Mr. Goodcents.  I didn't call them.  I ordered on line.  1 sub and 1 cup of chicken noodle soup.  I have never ordered from the before.

When the delivery driver showed up, I took the bag with the food inside, handed him the money including a generous tip and away he went and I - put it off for a while because I was still doing things out front with the pond out there.

I'm assuming the individual that called me an aggressive panhandler will now call me a thief.

That's because when I got inside the house, very hungry indeed, I opend up the bag and found my container of soup and 2 subs in there.  Not one, but 2 of the type of sub I had ordered.  Did I call them and tell them of the screwup? Nope. Caleb had a friend who used to stay that night at our place when they were MUCH younger.  That kid still shows up around here asking me for advice.

He works there. As I said, I ordered online and made no notations of "special benefits".  Either they totally screwed up my order or that kid - now 18 with a daughter, lol - added it in there.

I have no clue, really.  But, to keep it honest, the next time I order, I will put in the notations that I received a second sub last time that I didn't order - and didn't pay for. They can determine what they want to do with it at that point.

Am I still an aggressive panhandler?  No, in fact, I NEVER have been. Thanks.

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